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#Project365 2023 week 18

Day 120: some days only a cheeky takeaway pizza will do! Gluten free, vegan and fab-u-lous!
Day 121: beautiful pink blossom on our cherry tree


Day 122: and white blossom from the apple tree. We didn’t get ANY apples at all last year due to insect infestation 🙁
Day 123: I started watching a show with Zach sat next to me and heard some bad language, a reminder to wait until the kids have gone to bed before breaking out the wine and TV!
Day 124: oh and the snacks. Have to keep them away from the kids or I’d have to share! Duolingo is always judging me though…!
Day 125: I have joined a book club and went along to my first meeting. Really interesting to hear everyone’s opinions (I will review the book on here shortly!)
Day 126: ready for the school’s coronation celebrations

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  1. I’ve had the film issue – totally forgetting the language in the film! Our apple blossom is pink but not much of it this year, so not sure if we’ll get many apples

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