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#Project365 2023 week 22

Day 148: Mum and Dad bought some fish for their pond. Fingers crossed these shubunkins aren’t eaten by the heron!

Day 149: a family trip to explore Fleet Pond

Day 150: we have a teenager in the house!

Day 151: my birthday next. Only 42 but Duolingo suggests older…

Day 152: as if life wasn’t crazy enough…welcome to the family Larry and Garry!

Day 153: poor loves had the snip 🙁

Day 154: time to accept summer is here and epilate those legs!



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  1. Ouch, I never got on with an epilator. I’ve just bought this weird crystal thing you just rub on your legs or wherever to get rid of hair. I wasn’t convinced it would work, but it’s quite good. So I’m pleased it means smoother legs than shaving. Hope the guinea pigs settle in well. Happy birthday Matthew

  2. Good luck to your parents with the fish. My dad has had to build a frame and net over his pond to stop our local heron stopping by for a snack.
    Happy birthday to Matthew! I hope he had a fab day. x

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