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#Project365 2023 week 31

Day 211: we waved goodbye to Wales, picked up the pups and headed to Bosobel House and the Royal Oak

Day 212: first day back at home but no rest for the wicked! A run to set me off then cooked a roast for 7 people (including an awkward gluten free vegan: me!), interspersed with 3 loads of washing!

Day 213: no idea if Caramel and Garry have made babies yet but Larry was introduced to his lady friends today

Day 214: Zach finally lost the tooth that has been wobbly for soooo long! He accidentally dropped his tablet on his tooth and it knocked it out with a LOT of blood!

Day 215: lots of time with the boys this week

Day 216: I ate quite well on holiday but have enjoyed being back in my own kitchen

Day 217: this week has rushed by, no idea how it is Friday already! Matthew was thrilled with his new purchase 🙂

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  1. What a productive first day back from your holidays! Love your energy. I look forward to seeing cute guinea pig baby pictures in the future. What a great railway set, I would love watching that go round.

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