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#Project366 2020 week 29

Day 194: Sunday lunch, my vegan roasted tofu

Day 195: harvesting potatoes for my parents

Day 196: I seem to have slowed down on my stitching but Anne of Cleves is coming along gradually

Day 197: I am impressed with my progress on the Couch to 5k, less happy about the early mornngs though!


Day 198: starting the day with a Joe Wicks work out

Day 199: Zach’s final day at preschool. The end of an era as all 3 children have now been through the same preschool and 8 years is over 🙁

Day 200: my first ever experience of wax melts and I’m converted!

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  1. It looks like the kids were having great fun harvesting the potatoes.
    Well done with the running. I think the early mornings would put me off too.
    Aww! What a milestone for Zach to finish preschool.
    Ohh! I love wax melts. I like fruity one’s in the summer and cosy cinnamon type one’s in the winter. x

  2. Glad to see you are still doing Joe Wicks – I try to do it once or twice a week. I’ve never been sure about wax melts – I worry that they are a bit messy, but I should probably give them a go.

  3. It looks like the kids were having great fun harvesting the potatoes. Way to go with the running. What a milestone for Zach to finish preschool. I love wax melts I have so many x

  4. Looks like the children enjoyed harvesting potatoes and your Anne of Cleves looks like she is coming along beautifully. Lovely happy photo of Zach on his final day of preschool – I can imagine that particular end of an era must have felt quite emotional after 8 years of your children going to that preschool. #project366

  5. Awww we have been harvesting potatoes too. They taste so good and much better than the shop ones. We have also finished the preschool days and I feel a tad emotional too. Most of my craft projects have gone by the wayside I hope to pick them up again soon though x

  6. I’ve never roasted tofu. I cook tofu in Teriyaki sauce once a week, as my younger son loves it so much he keeps requesting it. That is an end of an era indeed, 8 years! Looks like children enjoyed harvesting potatoes. Big well done on the running! I’m not a morning person, and would struggle with that.

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