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#Project366 2020 week 39

Day 264: the children were a little unimpressed that we are still doing the Joe Wicks workouts to earn screen time

Day 265: Ollie looks as exhausted as I feel!

Day 266: there’s a unicorn in our garden!

Day 267: soggy school run, seriously back to normality then!

Day 268: OMG!!! Matt’s secondary school application sorted, I can’t believe how early it feels!

Day 269: den building and playing house. It was really lovely to see these two playing so happily together for HOURS!

Day 270: Matt loves the trucks he bought on ebay



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  1. hehehe! Doing the Joe Wicks work out is a great way to earn screen time. I should try that on my girls.
    That unicorn head is fab!
    I really don’t miss the wet school runs. You can guarentee if it’s going to rain it would then. x

  2. I must admit I’ve got bored of Joe Wicks now, so don’t blame them for being unimpressed – luckily the pool is open for swimming again though. I’m not keen on the soggy school runs either, but you’re right it is back to normal.

  3. I know how Ollie feels!!! Knackered this week for sure! The weather turning hasn’t helped much either, not great for the school runs!
    Awww fingers crossed for the school application! We had two separate applications, it was the most stressful time ever, however it flies by and my daughter is attending the school we had worked and hoped for. Be prepared for a LOT more work once the Secondary school journey starts! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  4. I think that’s a fab way to earn screentime. It’s been wet and soggy on the school run today, I am so not looking forward to the numerous wet school runs we are due. Well done on doing the application scary how quickly time goes. That looks like a great train set up

  5. I can relate with Ollie! Are you doing Joe Wicks with the kids, that might explain why your exhausted! Once was more than enough for me. Good luck with the secondary school application, that does seem early. I am sure we did ours in December last year.

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