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#Project366 2020 week 47

Day 320: my first ever attempt at making sushi with a gift set from Sous Chef I’d been sent to try out: yum!


Day 321: odd socks day at the juniors but Matthew only has grey socks, luckily there were two shades!

Day 322: Zach was very proud of his artwork of his dad

Day 323: back to my Christmas card making

Day 324: homework time and Zach had a little help from Anya to make his big bad wolf puppet

Day 325: love our randomly blooming roses in our garden, brightening up a rainy day


Day 326: getting out in the fresh air with Ollie


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  1. Wow you have quite the talent for sushi making! What an amazing first effort. Love your artwork Zach. Your roses look lovely, we have had a few reappear on our rose bush again! Awww your Christmas cards will be fab, can’t wait to see the end result.

  2. Aww you are making cross stitch Christmas cards!!! That is so lovely! You are very talented and what a great idea for special cards! Have to admit that I am struggling to find the motivation to write Christmas cards this year, seem to send out less and less every year. Nicely done on the sushi too! It’s not something I tend to eat, not that I don’t like it, it’s just not something I would go for… seriously wouldn’t know where to start actually making it so kudos to you! Sim x

  3. The sushi look great – very impressive ! I love how proud Zach looks of his puppet and his drawing of his dad. I could definitely help you out with the odd socks – I have a big bag of them, waiting to find the other ones (which I’m sure are stuffed under the settee and the beds !)

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