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#Project366 2020 week 5

Day 26: a trip to my sister’s and my crew were introduced to the Nintendo Labo

Day 27: Zach and I were a little bit scared when hail came down our chimney!

Day 28: shadow puppets! Quick and simple entertainment 🙂

Day 29: Anya loves experimenting with hairstyles and I am her reluctant guinea pig!

Day 30: frantic search for my box of threads to sew on 4 Beavers badges

Day 31: Anya received her next smiley badge and certificate in assembly. I’m not really sure the school is thrilled she keeps doing cartwheels despite it being mentioned!

Day 32: a blustery day at the playground. We actually went to 2 as I was feeling bad that we hadn’t been out much due to the wet weather

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  1. Lovely to see all the kids playing together. The shadow puppets photo is great – reminds me of fun we used to have here too ! Well done on the Beavers badges and the certificate – great positive messages for the kids. The last photo made me smile – it’s been windy here too so I’ve been looking pretty much the same all week ! lol

  2. Well done to Anya. I’m kind of secretly glad that H hasn’t done any badges at scouts recently because of all the sewing. To be fair I think he’s done the badges, but hasn’t got them yet.

  3. They all look so engrossed in the Nintendo thing.
    Eek! It has been cold here but we’ve had nothing more than rain.
    What a great hairstyle you have thanks to Anya.
    Well done with the Beaver badges and the certificate from school.

  4. I can imagine hail down the chimney must be a bit scary and unexpected. Love the shadow puppets photo – Sophie has fun doing these too. Anya looks deep in concentration styling your hair and well done to her on getting her next smiley badge and certificate. #project366

  5. I suppose she needs to practice her hair styles on somebody.
    We have had sleet and hailstones this week as well, they hurt when they hit you driven by high winds. Our chimney is sealed off with a board at the bottom.
    Totally agree with shadow puppets

  6. Aww the shadow puppet photo is cute. Wow hail down the chimney must have been very strange. I sew on my daughters gymnastic badges and I quite enjoyed it. I am not great at hair, but enjoy doint it x

  7. The shadow puppet photo is fab! I don’t know exactly what Nintendo Labo is, but all kids seem to be engrossed. Just look at Zach’s expression!
    The hail could sound rather scary. Well done to Anya for getting all those badges.

  8. I always look windswept, my hair never behaves whatever the weather. We also had massive hail earlier this week, what awful weather has hit the UK!
    Is the Nintendo lab fun? We are thinking about getting one.

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