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#Project366 2020 week 6

Day 33: special treat just for me, it even has my name on it! Very happy to be sent this giant Love Heart tube and also a vegan hamper from Swizzels

Day 34: verrrrrry tired. Zach has a cough so sleepless nights are back with a vengeance. Zach is not sympathetic and keeps saying ‘why are you tired?!’



Day 35: Anya making plate art to avoid finishing her tea

Day 36: getting thoroughly fed up with next door‘s garden. Mouldy pillows, rubbish and recycling, broken toys, manky paddling pool. I hope none of it ends up in our garden after the storm this weekend…

Day 37: my Nintendo DS has been popular with the kids but also with me! I am pretty pleased with the brain training saying I have a brain age 15 years younger than my real age, woohoo!

Day 38: Chris was home so we enjoyed some fajitas using Like Chicken and a power pod from the Spice Pioneer

Day 39: a tiny crocus on Mum and Dad’s driveway, growing between the bricks. Beauty and resilience!



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  1. Ohh! Yum! I do love Love hearts.
    I hope Zach’s cough is better soon and you manage to get some sleep.
    Ugh! Your next doors garden looks pretty shocking. I do hope none of it ended up in your garden.
    That fajita looks so tasty! x

  2. Lol @ the food avoidance art, very creative. Crocuses are very resilient, we also have a few of them poking their heads through the flagstones in the garden.
    Your neighbours’ garden does look like a tip, hope its contents are not moved into your garden by the Dennis the menace storm.

  3. Love how your daughter made food art to avoid finishing her tea – that’s the kind of thing my daughter would do too. I used to love the brain training game on the Nintendo DS. Tempted to try and dig my old one out and give it a go again. The chicken fajitas look yummy. Hope you didn’t get any of your neighbour’s rubbish blown into your garden in the storm. #project366

  4. Loving the chip art, smart move lol. Have you had a word with your neighbour? I wrote to mine to tell her to clear her garden as the contents of it were damaging my fence, she did it, but no verbal words have been exchanged,

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