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Junk Bots: from trash to triumph, and rubbish to robots!

Junk Bots are the latest unboxing and collectable from Hexbugs. They are totally unique compared to other unboxing surprise toys as children can create their own characters or adapt the ones suggested in the trash. Open the dumpster to reveal the junk. But the saying goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that […]

Harry Potter Magical Capsules

I think I would count myself as a pretty mega Harry Potter fan so was delighted at the release of a new collectable: Harry Potter Magical Capsules. I remember the excitement of queuing at midnight for the final book and my adoration has not abandoned Harry in the meantime! The detail on the crested box […]

Uni-que fun with UniVerse collectable unicorn surprises

Unicorns are a firm favourite with Anya so she was beyond excited to discover the contents of the UniVerse surprise toys. I managed to hide the packaging from her so she had no idea that unicorns were involved! Each packet contains a cloud with a cute face. You plunge it into warm water and the […]

Lucky Fortune: what will luck bring you?

As you may have seen from last week’s #Project365, Anya was feeling decidedly unlucky last week as she had a tummy bug and was stuck at home. I put a smile back on her face with these Lucky Fortune collectible bracelets! I’ll be honest: I have never had a fortune cookie before and neither have […]