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february food challenge

February Food Challenge week 4: we’ve finished!

Hello March! That means that my February Food Challenge is over! 28 days of different meals to try to tempt the children into trying new flavours. Take a look at week one, week two and week three. So how did we get on this week? Day 22: chicken and vegetable pie and chips Day 23: […]

February food challenge week 3

Third week complete! Have a look here at week one and two. Puddings again are most popular but I have been really impressed with the children trying things. They loved the Quorn chilli but didn’t realise it wasn’t beef until I told them when they’d finished. Fresh filled pasta was another brand new experience for them […]

February food challenge week 2

A topsy-turvy week. Old things that they had rejected were eaten! Plus some firm favourites were included as I was a bit downhearted after the failures of last week 🙁 The food I was most happy about this week was their acceptance and even enjoyment of the chicken korma. It was the first time I’d […]

February food challenge week 1

For those of you who didn’t see my post last week, I have decided to try to break the fussy eater tendency that has erupted in my 3 children. I am aiming to make a different meal each day this month to give them a variety of flavours and textures to re-tune their fickle taste […]

Introducing the February Food Challenge!

My kids are becoming fussy eaters. All 3 of them. They used to willing to try anything, they used to finish their plates. In fact I had comments on how incredible they were about trying new foods. Now I struggle to get them to eat anything other than the same 6 or 7 meals. Actually […]