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#Project365 week 22 half term and birthday fun!

I have loved this week! Half term so the kids are home, I’ve had a week off from all 3 jobs (except for one emergency meeting on Friday 🙁 ) and best of all it was mine and Matthew”s birthdays. Day 147: another early birthday date with Chris, this time to see the new Solo […]

Thank you Beast from the East!

On Thursday the children enjoyed their first ever snow day! Yay! And I was just as excited as they were… Snow in Blackwater is rare. We had a few flurries on Tuesday which were really heavy but the sun came out and melted it all immediately. It was a surprise to wake up on Wednesday […]

#MySundayPhoto it’s got to be Star Wars

I have already shared this photo on my post about Chris’ birthday but basically I am still buzzing about Star Wars three days later! There were so many thoughts and questions I had whilst watching which I then forgot about in my excitement 🙂 I guess we’ll have to go and see it again… Happy […]

Villains and superheroes #Blogtober day 22

Chris and I are watching the 3rd season of Gotham at the moment and really enjoying it. It is fun trying to work out how the characters in this prequel relate to our knowledge of them in their futures.   Gotham Batman GIF from Gotham GIFs The thing that winds me up about superheroes is […]

Movies (#Blogtober17 day 13)

This summer I took Matthew and Anya to the cinema for the first time and we watched Despicable Me 3. It was a big event for all of us and I was really pleased it went well (plus the film was hilarious with its 80s references and music!)   The film I am looking forward […]