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British Science Week fun with Learning Resources UK

Curiosity and wonder at the world are two crucial elements to childhood. Developing an understanding and respect for our planet and its amazing resources is such an important message to convey.
Oh and a love of slime!
Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. We were kindly sent some science sets from Learning Resources UK to celebrate Bristish Science Week. Time to get playing!
First up was the Yuckology Slime Lab. The set contains a sturdy mixing bowl and measuring cup. The instructions are straightforward although some of the slime experiments require the use of a hob.
The set is aimed at children aimed 4 plus but I let Zach join in as my baby turns 4 in a couple of weeks!
Secondly, we received the Lab Set. Aged at children 3 and over, this set has chunky equipment suitable for little hands working on their motor skills. I loved the test tubes and beaker for introducing specialist apparatus but the kids were obsessed with the goggles!

The set comes with several experiment cards with different aspects of science such as flotation, chemical reactions and biological observation.
We opted to try the volcano eruption with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, using yellow rather than red food colouring as it was all we had!


As you can see, Anya and Zach were completely focussed on their play, which was actually learning in disguise!
I was a little disappointed that the sets did not include some of the resources required such as some food colouring, but most of the experiments involve things that are easy to buy (vinegar etc); it just causes a little delay when you need to go and get items that you didn’t already have (for example, we only had yellow food colouring)
These science sets from Learning Resources UK are a careful balance of fun and education. Visit their website here.
Perfect for inspiring little enquiring minds!

*We were sent these toys for the purpose of this review, all opnions and photos are my own.


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