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Casdon Supermarket cash register review

*We were gifted this toy for the purpose of this review

Role play is such an important way for children to learn about the world. Shopping and money are a crucial part of life as well as fun! We were sent the Casdon supermarket cash register to play with and the kids loved it.

The set comes with stickers to apply before playing. This includes labels for the food items as well as on the cash register. I would advise that an adult place the stickers as some of them were a little tricky. There are coins, notes and credit cards to replicate reality.

The cash register needs 3 AA batteries which are not included. This allows the scanner to beep and the cash register to act as a calculator to add up the prices of the goods selected.

Anya and Zach loved playing shops together. The set complements speech and language learning as well as Maths but is also just a great way to have fun.

The Casdon supermarket cash register set is suitable for children aged 3+ and is available from Amazon and other retailers.


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