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Imagimake Mapology puzzles

Zach has a whole host of obsessions right now and one of his favourite things in size comparisons and data. He loves body parts, planets and countries as he can learn and recite size facts.
He spent his birthday money on some map puzzles by Imagimake Mapology which perfectly complement his passion for information.

Imagimake Mapology puzzlescontents of Europe Imagimake Mapology

Imagimake Mapology has a range of puzzles which feature different areas of the globe. They are a fabulous educational resource for teaching geography but also brilliant for developing concentration and fine motor skills.

Imagimake Mapology Europe being completed

The sets come with a guide to help identify pieces and a completed picture to help. There is also information about the pieces that have multiple countries due to their small size.
The puzzles are made of foam. The base plates fit together with a puzzle type interlocking. The pieces can be placed in any order, however I found that it was easier to place the countries around the edges first so that the others could be fitted against them.
completed Imagimake Mapology world
The smaller countries are slightly more difficult to place especially the African continent and I wonder if it would have been more useful to have mulitple country blocs to aid in orienting the smaller pieces.
Of course, a new toy in the house and the other two children were desperate to get their hands on the puzzles! The puzzles are aimed at children aged 4 and over, so were perfect for my three to enjoy together.
I bought both Imagimake Mapology sets on Amazon: £12.99 for the world map and £10.99 for Europe.



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  2. Those map puzzles are fantastic! I especially love the big world map and all the detailing, a fun way to learn all the countries I’d say. I wish they’d made things like this for when we were little 🙂 #mischiefandmemories

  3. Oh I like the look of these! My little man may be just too young but he loves his foam numbers and putting them together in the correct order so this could be a great next step.

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