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Ninja…..go!!! Lego Ninjago Movie minifigures

It’s all about Ninjago in our house right now! A few months ago we hadn’t the foggiest who Jay, Kai, Zane etc were but now we do!

The children have lived and breathed Ninjago this summer (apparently it involves lots of jumping off furniture brandishing a sword…) and can’t wait for the arrival of the latest Lego movie due out in October. Being a Lego collector, I have bought the set of minifigure blind bags:

Matthew is majorly excited about going to see the film and has said it is top of his bucket list. OK so he doesn’t actually know what a bucket list is, but oh well! The thing about the film is it is completely different to the series so I hope it lives up to expectations. They have made some changes to the character designs (hair, eyes and even names!)
I expect more of the sets will be coming Matthew’s way for Christmas…

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  1. Ooh my eldest used to love this range when he was younger, my youngest three aren’t quite into Lego yet. I’m not sure how excited I am about the return of that phase, it used to end up with me building it all!

  2. Helen

    I’m like you several months ago – not sure who any of the characters are, but I’m sure once my daughters are old enough I’ll be ‘in the know’ too!

  3. They look so cool! I would have absolutely loved this when I was younger. I’ve got all this to come. We’re still no big lego because Evie’s so small, but I can’t wait till she’s on proper lego and we can get building some fun things. x

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