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Wedding Wednesday: involving children in a wedding

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about whether children should be invited to a wedding.
Well, they are certainly coming to ours! A quarter of our guests are aged under 16 including my own 3 little ones.
So how can we keep them interested in the lead up and then entertained on the big day?
  • Involve them in the planning. Whether they are guests or part of the wedding party, let them have some input in clothes, accessories, food, toys etc.
  • Let them dress up and enact a wedding. Tell them what to expect so they know which parts of the day are more formal and which are relaxed.

  • Invite them to be bridesmaids or pageboys if appropriate
  • On the day itself, have colouring books and pencils/crayons for keeping them busy at the tables when they are not eating.
  • Find them a space to play at the venue. Children have lots of physical and emotional energy so ensure their safety whilst giving them the freedom to be kids.
  • Hire an entertainer. The DJ at my sister’s wedding had a bubble machine and kept the children captivated.

  • Get them to hand out order of service, wedding cake, confetti, bubbles, balloons or anything else!
  • Give them a list of your photos line up order so they can help get the guests in front of the camera at the right time.
We plan on having a huge tub of Lego available so hopefully ALL of our guests will have fun with that!
Have you got any tips you’d like to share?


  1. My friend just got married and had such an amazingly child friendly wedding we all had a blast, her DJ was actually a kids entertainer so spent ages doing silly games with them whilst photos were being taken etc and then switched to music in the evening. The sweet carousel kept them happy too, as did the chocolate fountain! They were buzzing!! So worth it for one night though and because they were having fun we were having fun. #StayClassyMama

  2. I definitely think it is important to involve them in the planning. They will make it so special. If I ever get married it will be my daughter who plans my wedding. The Lego idea is good too. #stayclassymama

  3. Some great tips. When the Tubblet was a similar age the bride and groom organised individual, age appropriate care packages for each child. There was colouring, games etc for them to do during the day plus a cuddly to keep forever. It was really lovely. We still have the cuddly somewhere!

  4. Pat

    This are all great ideas. We had lots of children at my wedding and I made them an activity book to keep them entertained. They loved it!

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