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The Big Family Brush Up

One of the fun facts about me was that I used to be a dental nurse. I also have a major phobia of dentists so looking after my teeth to avoid needing treatment is essential!

Having children of my own has made me think a lot about the way I clean my teeth and how to encourage them to brush their teeth effectively. Nothing is more terrifying than being a role model!

The Big Family Brush Up is a campaign by Denplan to encourage parents to get their children brushing their teeth properly twice a day by setting a good example. Their website has a brushing chart and a book to download. There is also a chance to win an electric toothbrush for your child!
I’m lucky that my children have all been fab about brushing their teeth. Matthew still hasn’t lost any of his milk teeth despite being 7! I think Anya may lose a tooth before him! Zach has a tendency to bite his brush, he only has 10 teeth so far.

Actually my mum taught the kids a song to brush their teeth to (the tune is ‘Row, row, row your boat’):
Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them top and bottom,ย 
Brush them really carefully
So they don’t go rotten.

So some simple rules: brush for two minutes twice a day, change your toothbrush every 3 months. Extra advice: use a tongue scraper, many kids brushes have them on the back. Use floss to remove chunks of food after a meal (Anya has tiny gaps between her teeth that meat in particular gets stuck in). In the early days make it FUN!

*I was sent a gift from Denplan but all words and opinions are my own.

Minky pegs

I once told my mum if I ever got excited by housework, particularly washing, then she should call the funny farm!
How little I knew then!
Just today I have been despairing at Matthew’s new white school shirt covered in mud that WON’T WASH OUT!!! (calm down, Laura, inner peace etc etc…)
One element of washing that I really love are my pegs. Sounds a bit weird but utterly true. I picked up a pack of random pegs in the months before moving in 2 years ago (I believe I bought this first set from Aldi). I just liked the colours so popped them in my shopping basket.

Well, they are the best pegs ever! I bought another set from a different supermarket as I realsied I didn’t have enough for the copious amounts of washing I do. All of these other pegs have broken. Every single one within 2 years!
But my Minky pegs are still going strong and none have broken or loosened their grip! I just bought another set from Amazon and they are just as good as the first pack.
The other thing is the bright colours: Zach just loves arranging them!

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Doctor Who is a girl?! Who cares?

I waited eagerly to see who would win Wimbledon. I love tennis and it is on my bucket list to go to Wimbledon one day. But the main reason I wanted the win to hurry was because I wanted to know who the next Who is. Roger Federer walked along being congratulated by all (well done by the way, a well deserved win!) but did he know know the whole geek kingdom was waiting with baited breath?! Finally Sue Barker announced it was time!
Here it is if you haven’t seen it!

So 30 seconds in, we are still none the wiser. It is impossible to tell from the walk or the shoes or the hand. As soon as we saw the eye, I knew there would be a big upset, politicising and angst erupting across social media. Definitely mascara.
It’s a girl!
No wait, that’s for a baby gender reveal…
It’s a female actor.
A woman.
The simple truth is I don’t care about the gender of Doctor Who. I am horrified at the people saying they will abandon the programme just because it has a female lead. I am equally disgusted at those crowing about the triumph of feminism at the expense of men.
In the year 2017, are we seriously arguing amongst ourselves about equality in this way?
Feminism wants equality between the sexes, maybe it isn’t even right that it is called feminism any more. Equalism, perhaps?

Jodie Whittaker is a fine actor. I hope she got the job based on merit and her excellent acting skills rather than the content of her pants and her XX chromosomes. The idea of a Time Lady has already been introduced in the form of Michelle Gomez who was truly spectacular as Missy.
Change is inevitable. In Doctor Who and all other aspects of life. We have to accept it and learn to live with it. But my heart still wishes Kris Marshall had been the new Who…
The pressure on Doctor Who will be huge. Every doctor is unique, that is the joy of the programme. Whilst I love the rebooted version (2005-today), my own Doctor Who is Sylvester McCoy.
I remember watching the show as a 7 year old and being terrified and fascinated. I can’t imagine watching it with my own children as it is much more scary and realistic thanks to advances in technology and our own demand to be entertained. I confess I almost didn’t watch this series as I had found it increasingly difficult to follow the explanations in the Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi eras. This last series was sooooo much better!
Good luck Jodie and the rest of the Doctor Who team, I can’t wait for the Christmas episode!


#MySundayPhoto soft play fun

Yesterday we visited a soft play place for a birthday party. We don’t go too often as it is difficult to keep an eye on 3 kids at once! I love these 3 photos which show the wonder of childhood and the fun of family time together (even if Matthew was deliberately getting himself hit in the face by balls!)

The thing about sports day…

…is that I hate it.
There I’ve said it.
I am not a sporty person, I have no natural athletic ability. Sports Day was always a day of misery, no matter how the school would try to make it inclusive. Why would you want to see someone fail, as I did year in year out. Why drag my parents in to watch my misery?!
The same is not true for academic subjects. If a person is not capable of achieving an A, they can sit a lower tiered paper where they don’t look blankly at the questions but can do their best without feeling like a failure. The evidence is not out in the open for spectators.
As a parent I dread Sports Day too, but for many reasons! So this was me on Thursday:
Anya had already had her sports day last week. She is one of the oldest children and won almost every race, the same as last year.

She was celebrating her achievement but this made Matthew feel bad. He didn’t come first, second or even third in any of his races last year and was devastated ๐Ÿ™ so my hopes weren’t high for this year either…
The day itself was over cast and a bit nippy noodles, just like last year. Stuck sat on a cold field is not my idea of fun. Zach wanted to get involved *rolls eyes*
Matthew ran his first race and didn’t place. It didn’t knock his confidence: I’d worked hard to tell him that taking part and trying your best was the only thing that matters!
Then he stood to do his next race. I say stood but I actually mean did a crazy dance. He needed a wee and was getting upset. Never mind that he has been sat down for 20 minutes watching the other years do their races. NOW he needed a wee and it was urgent. I ran over to the teacher and she sent him in. He wasn’t quick enough and missed his race. He saw them reach the finish line as he arrived back on the field. He headed for his seat in floods of tears. The teacher convinced the others in his group to run again once he’d calmed down.

I have mixed emotions. Of course I am happy for him, proud of him. Surprised, perhaps even incredulous. I worry about next year, will he have high expectations?
What do you think about Sports Day?