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#Blogmas18 day 14: Christmas jumper day

2017 was the first time we’d got Christmas jumpers (well, long sleeved tops but I’ll get onto that in a minute!) and we will be reusing the same ones this year as they still fit! Actually, Zach’s was Matthew and Anya’s before him so I have got my money’s worth!

I bought a Christmas jumper for me to wear at Blog On Xmas last year but I don’t actually wear jumpers as I get too hot! Purple obviously, but I only managed to wear it for a few minutes before sweltering: well, it was September!
Chris is the same and wears t shirts all year round. Thankfully there are lots of Christmas t shirts for men and they go on sale in time for his birthday in December, but why are there none for women??? I spend winter in long sleeved t shirts and cardigans (I’m all about layers!) but haven’t come across a Christmas one yet 🙁

What are your thoughts on Christmas jumpers?

#Blogmas18 day 13: top Christmas movies

Shock horror, but I am not a huge fan of Christmas movies!
Die Hard (and 2) are fab as are Home Alone (and 2) but I would happily watch them at any time of year because I enjoy the action and comedy genres, not due to them featuring Christmas.
Muppet Christmas Carol is brilliant and I suppose is the only Christmas film I would actually watch at Christmas. But the one year we did watch it at Christmas, we didn’t enjoy it because we were too busy with our own Christmas to focus on the plot/songs etc.
It’s a Wonderful Life is just too sad.
Scrooge and Scrooged don’t count (in my opinion) because they are based on literature and I know the book of A Christmas Carol very well having read it over 20 times.
Elf, Santa Claus, The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street: all of these I’ve never actually seen as they just don’t appeal in the slightest.
Am I Scrooge or the Grinch based on this???

#Project365 week 50

Day 343: a sunny but cold return to Windsor to see the Christmas trees around the castle and the Queen was at home (but we didn’t see her 🙁 )

Day 344: someone was all smiles today!

Day 345: feeling industrious having written all my Christmas cards

Day 346: the orange light of doom. Local gasworks have damaged the cables underground so we lost our phone, TV and broadband. Not impressed as I work fom home as well as having my blog!

Day 347: Zach’s nativity was just soooo lovely.

Day 348: happy birthday to Chris!

Day 349: Zach follows in his brother’s footsteps and is designing his own dinosaur!

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#Blogmas18 day 12: stocking filler ideas

We keep the tradition that stockings contain small presents. This is what my parents and Chris’ both did: they wanted the credit for the big pressies and I can totally understand that after working hard all year to provide gifts that they will love.
I think it is also more socially responsible as some children might be heartbroken to receive a smaller gift when their friend receives a bike, for example.
Father Christmas doesn’t have time for wrapping, despite what it seen in films!

Blind bags are perfect stocking fillers. I don’t remember them being around at all when I was a child but there are My Little Pony, Thomas Minis, Playmobil and Lego so something for everyone!
Chocolate coins seems to feature every year. As do Mr Men and Little Miss books (but won’t be making an appearance this year, I’ve just realised!)

Many shops such as The Works and Wilko have a pocket money range of toys which are just perfect. Stationery is also a way to get your children’s favourite brands without breaking the bank or making the stocking huge.
I imagine that things change when the children become slightly older. Perhaps some toiletries and more deluxe chocolates will be included. What do you think?

#Blogmas18 day 11: Christmas Traditions

I’ve previously described our Christmas tradition of putting the decorations up around my dad’s birthday in mid December and then they would be taken down on Epiphany which was his sister’s birthday, a tradition from their own childhood.

We have started our own tradition of a night time walk to look at the local Christmas lights.
We don’t have turkey as no one really likes it that much in our family, and obviously I’m vegetarian!

Stockings are opened first thing in the morning and the rest of the presents wait until family guests have arrived (usually around 10am)

We had planned to alternate visiting parents but we actually prefer having everyone to us. Various things mean we usually see both: my mother in law is coming to stay this Christmas and my parents are at my sister’s for lunch then will come for the afternoon and tea.
A roaring fire for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I wasn’t too bothered by having a real fire when we were looking at houses but now I LOVE it!

Homemade mince pies.
What Christmas traditions do you keep?