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#Project365 week 25

The emphasis has been on family this week as we started the week celebrating Father’s Day and ended it visiting Chris’ mum.
Day 168: date time! Chris and I have been to the cinema more in the last 6 months than we have in the previous couple of years!

Day 169: a family day out for Father’s Day to the Royal Military Academy’s Heritage Day

Day 170: so proud of this little guy who is getting more grown up by the day!

Day 171: Zach is becoming more boisterous and playful by the day! He adores his older brother and sister and the feeling is mutual!

Day 172: I was lucky enough to be invited to join in with a Twitter party and Anya loves the Twisty Petz

Day 173: Friday night traffic was awful and the journey to Chris’ mum took twice as long as usual 🙁 Time to stretch our legs in the crop fields!

Day 174: I can see the sea! My first time in a bikini since having the children so I was a little self conscious…

Could you be psychic?

Have you ever been phoned by someone just as you are grabbing the phone to call them? Do you sense things are about to happen and then they do? Can you feel departed loved ones are close by?

Psychic Future offers phone readings, tarot cards, clairvoyance and horoscopes.
There is also a free love compatibility test (we’re looking good, Chris!) and a free 3 tarot card reading (something that I’ve never tried before but the past and present cards were strikingly accurate and only time will tell if the future card is too…)

*Collaborative post

Should mobile phones be banned at school?

Ooh this is a tricky one! It has been in the news this week that school experts including the dreaded Ofsted believe that mobile phones should be banned at school.
I grew up in the era before the prevalence of phones. If I needed to phone home I had to use the pay phone in reception and that certainly put you off making anything other than the most urgent calls!
But mobiles are not being used in school for calling people (soooo last century!): now even texting is outdated as pupils communicate through Messenger and Snapchat.

I can actually understand the appeal. Chris and I speak through Messenger several times a day whereas my parents never spoke to each other for over 12 hours at a time while my dad worked.
My own children are still too young to have mobiles but once they start to walk to school by themselves I would like the reassurance of a quick message to say they have got there safely. I don’t want them to be in a panic about forgetting their calculator so they can just message me to ask for help.

However, I see no reason for them to have their phone in lessons without an explicit purpose sanctioned by the staff, and I think that teachers should confiscate any phones being used without permission. Parents and friends should have a responsibility to only contact at break times so that they don’t interrupt the school day and the phone user should keep it on silent all the time (imagine the noise if 500+ notifications all happen at once in the canteen!)
I think there may be some educational purpose to allowing phones in the classroom. Being able to quickly verify some information for a task by using a search engine, being able to take a photo of some information or work for later use if you run out of time, being able to ask for a teacher’s help via email. But I doubt the children’s ability to focus on these and not be tempted by a missed notification that pops up on screen (I know I couldn’t!)
There is another issue concerning mobile phones and that is parents using phones on the school site. One of the schools I work for is considering banning parents using their phone on the playground as it prevents the parents communicating with their child let alone supervising them (or even acknowledging their existence!) Meanwhile I was asked to put my phone away at Zach’s preschool as it is a safeguarding risk as I could have been photographing children (I was actually reading a book!)
One final consideration is the rise of cyberbullying. School was tough enough when I was a teen but to have the hormonally charged friendship angst played out across social media must be hideous. Teenagers are cruel and the thought of being trolled in and out of school via a mobile phone is simply awful. Hopefully having a phone will also let some teens contact supportive friends when life gets tough…
What do you think of banning mobile phones in school?

#StayClassyMama 107

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky.
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Let’s get the weekend started: come and link up! I have a beach and funfair on my agenda for the weekend, yay!
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A-Z of positive personality traits to inspire in our children

Being a parent is a huge responsibility as well as a huge joy. For work I spend time with teenagers and it got me thinking about what traits I want to instil in my own children before I send them out into the big wide world, to cope with all of life’s challenges and lead a happy life.

So here they are, my A to Z of positive personality traits I would love my children to develop:
Ambition: it shouldn’t be a dirty word. I want my children to work towards their aspirations and be proud of their achievements.

Balanced: there are always multiple ways of looking at anything so make sure you consider things carefully
Challenging: change the world, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.
Decisive: have confidence in yourself and your choices
Enthusiasm: there is joy to be found in every day, just go and find it

Ferocity: fight for what you want, fight for the right thing
Generous: time and attention are so valuable
Hard working: try your best so you can never be disappointed with yourself
Integrity: be honest and truthful to yourself and others
Jovial: smiles breed smiles, spread happiness wherever you can
Kindness: be someone’s friend when they have no other, offer a smile to people that may have had no friendly human contact for days. Everyone faces battles each day that we will never know

Loyalty: family and friends should be able to count on you.
Modest: try your best and aim high but not at the expense of others, be proud of yourselves without making others feel bad
Natural: be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else, people will see through it plus you will never be happy if you lie to yourself and others
Openness: try new things, don’t judge people, be honest about yourselves
Perseverance: keep trying, the best things are worth the extra effort

Questioning: be curious about the world, don’t accept things at face value
Resiliant: life can be tough but you are too. You are stronger than you know, believe in yourself
Sympathetic: be the shoulder to cry on, listen to others
Trusting: it is brave to trust when you have been hurt

Understanding: remember the power of words; they can harm or heal. Put yourself in others’ shoes, be tolerant and thoughtful.
Vibrant: show off your smile more than your frown
Wise: learn from your mistakes but don’t be afraid to make them in the first place. Make decisions that you can be proud of and stay realistic.

EXpressive: I want my children to relish their emotions and not be scared of showing them to others.
Youthful: the freedom of childhood, the excitement of everything, I never want the children to lose that mindset.
Zany: a spark of individuality, a sense of humour, a degree of unconventionality. Being true to themselves and not being concerned if they do not followed the herd.
Good luck my little ones!

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