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Are 3 kids ever easier than 1? The school run example

I was chatting to a mum of one the other day and she couldn’t understand how I get 3 children ready to go out in the morning as she struggles with her one.

No secret. Just a timetable and a routine. The kids know that if they want time to play before school then they have to get ready when I say.

There was the time one morning where I walked in expecting to find the older two dressed. But instead Anya was sat there naked wearing a Spiderman mask…

Zach is a nightmare to dress 🙁 Since he learnt to crawl he just doesn’t want to stay still. Matthew and Anya usually join in, in this video you hear them competing to be ready first.

You may not believe me but it is easier with 3. They have competitions to see who can get ready fastest. They nag each other to get on so there is extra playtime. They keeps tabs on the others so I can get stuff ready.

The school run also has competition: who can spot the most planes/flowers/Ford Galaxies? Who can get to the lamppost first? It keeps them interested and moving forward. Hurrah!

My experience is that it is definitely easier having more than 1 child as the children have more structure to their day. Even the weekends when we have no specific plans, we follow the same procedure to make sure we are all ready to face the day, whatever it may throw at us 🙂

What happened on Mother’s Day? (Monday 27th March)

I wrote a list of 5 things I wanted on Mother’s Day: So…what do I want for Mother’s Day? .

Did I get my wish?

Well, no actually.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I had a lovely day.

  • First of all I didn’t have a lie in. The clocks changed so I stayed in bed until 7.30 but my body felt it was 6.30. We all got up together, the kids were desperate for me to see the presents and cards. Chris thought they might actually explode with anticipation! They then realised there wasn’t a card from Zach so made their own: Matthew’s had a bottle of wine on the front and Anya’s had maths.
  • I didn’t have pizza. I had some leftover rice that needed using up so I had that with some rather unappealing curry from a packet 🙁 I’m saving the pizza until later in the week when I REALLY need a treat.
  • No nap. I decided to stop feeding Zach to sleep during his day naps so no nap for me either. I did have the joy of listening to him scream for 45 minutes before getting him out of his cot so we could visit my mum.
  • Actually the kids were pretty fab. We had great fun in the garden, we found a frog, we ate the cake that Chris surprised me with. I don’t think I raised my voice once. The only problem was Zach not sleeping 🙁
  • No diamond earrings but then I didn’t really want them if you read my post 🙂 Instead I got a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 3D puzzle, wine, chocolates and a cake with purple icing.

I can’t figure out how to get the photos on here so please check them out on Instagram or Facebook sorry I’m a techno numpty 🙂

My mum got the card I showed you in Let’s DITCH Mother’s Day and some books that she pointed out. We also Skyped my nan to wish her a happy Mother’s Day and let the kids entertain her for a bit 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely day even if it didn’t turn out quite how you imagined!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a mum is in the heart. It doesn’t matter if you have young children or grown up children.

Your children are the reason you get up each morning. Every morning. Usually earlier than you’d like. They turn your hair grey with worry. They drive you to distraction with their incessant and often ridiculous demands. They can destroy you in a heartbeat and amaze you with a smile.

I don’t consider myself to be a natural mum, no maternal instinct for me 🙁 but the love in my heart is something I didn’t even know was possible until I had children. In the first week after having my eldest, I was sobbing with the power of the love and fear I felt. How could someone so small be so all-consuming? I asked my own mum and she said “Now you know how we’ve always felt about you’. I felt humbled. Ashamed for taking my parents for granted. Embarrassed that all that love had gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

This is a photo from my 4th birthday with my mum, sister and both grandmothers:

Times may change but being a mum doesn’t. You would move heaven and earth for your children. My dad’s mum (left in the photo) died in April 1997 so she never got to see me achieve anything in life, never got to meet any of her great grandchildren.

*This made me cry so I had to take a break from writing…*

I’m lucky enough to have my other nan meet all children.

I look forward to my children fulfilling their potential and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. I may not always agree with them but I will support them.

I have given my mum a card and some books. But this will never replicate what she has given me or all that she STILL does for me. Mums are irreplaceable and it’s a job not to be taken lightly. So, thank you Mum for EVERYTHING and I may not tell you very often but I love you and I’m proud to be your daughter. 🙂

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