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#Blogtober18 day 14: never doing that again!

I will never run down the stairs again. I broke my foot 10 years ago after running downstairs and missing one step.

I will never go on a plane again. The last time I flew, I blacked out on takeoff.
I will never have another baby. Despite the longing in my heart, I know our family is complete.
I will never eat meat again. I have been vegetarian for 19 years and would never consider going back.
I will never take my health for granted after my experience with vertigo this year.
I will never get all of the glitter off the table (thanks Anya!)

I will never be able to unlearn all of the dinosaur facts (thanks Matt!)

I will never have a full night’s sleep again (or so it feels, thanks Zach!)

I will never stop loving my family and I will never forget the love they have for me too.


#GlobalBlogging 82

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My favourite post from last week was this one from Meditations In Motion. I loved this post and hated that it had to be written but mobile phones and cars do not mix so why are people risking their lives and those of others???!!!
Shank You Very Much chose Endastories‘s post as her favourite. I am very shy in person and go bright red when having to speak to others so I love having my blog to be the real me that I am afraid to be in public. Writing also gives me a chance to organise my thoughts!
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#MySundayPhoto: new shoes

Zach had some mega excitement this week when we bought him new shoes. When he tried them on last week he screamed the shop down but this week he was over the moon! He ran around the shop for about 15 minutes (to many admiring glances and comments from staff and customers) hence the blurred pic. He zonked out in the car and I managed to carry him in without waking: he slept for 90 minutes! That is unheard of!!!

The Warning by Kathryn Croft

Before starting my review, I have to note a trigger warning: this book deals with the death of a child and internet grooming.
Oh my goodness, what a book! I was completely hooked right from the start. Zoe and Jake have had to face the unimaginable pain of losing their 14 year old son Ethan in a river accident alongside his best friend Josh. They are trying to hold the family together for the sake of their older son Harley who is taking his A levels and wants to be a doctor.
But then Zoe receives an email which suggests Ethan’s death was not an accident. Jake wants to ignore the message as a sick joke but Zoe is determined to find the truth. She is certain that Josh’s family are hiding something and Ethan’s friends are keeping secrets but can she persuade them to tell her the truth?
There is another narrative strand throughout the book which doesn’t link up to the rest of the plot until the end and really keeps the reader guessing about the connection. A child is being contacted online by someone claiming to be a teenage girl but is actually someone much older. It is uncomfortable reading but it well written.
Book information:
The Warning by Kathryn Croft

My little boy’s room was empty, his bed neatly made. Alarm bells should have rung immediately. Then the knock on the door came. All I remember is a thick fog wrapping itself tightly around me. This couldn’t be happening to us.
Three years ago, nurse Zoe’s son Ethan was found drowned in a muddy river by their home, along with his best friend Josh. With no witnesses, their deaths were ruled a tragic accident.
Heartbroken, Zoe and her family, move away from her home. They’re just beginning to get back to some kind of normality, when, out of the blue, Zoe receives an anonymous email:
You need to find out the truth about what happened to your son. Don’t let this rest. Don’t believe the lie.
Shaken, Zoe starts an obsessive hunt for the truth. But why is her husband so reluctant to help?
And why is Josh’s mother so determined not to believe her?
An absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller about a mother’s desperate search for the truth. Fans of The Girl on the Train, and Gone Girl will be hooked from the very first page.
About the author:
Kathryn Croft is the bestselling author of six psychological thrillers, and to date has sold over one million copies of her books. The Girl With No Past spent over four weeks at number one in the Amazon UK chart and her other novels, Behind Closed Doors, The Stranger Within and The Girl You Lost all reached number one in the psychological thriller charts.

Her seventh psychological thriller is due to be released in October 2018.
After six years teaching secondary school English, Kathryn now writes full time and lives in Guildford, Surrey with her husband and young family.
Having always been an avid reader, Kathryn believes in the power of words to entertain, teach and transform lives. She is also a firm believer in following your dreams and says anything is possible if you work hard enough and never give up!

#Blogtober18 day 13: movies you have watched a thousand times

I went through a bit of a lull after having children and rarely went to the cinema. Even now we go about 3 times a year as we enjoy watching at home (with wine and crisps/popcorn!) so are happy to wait for it to come out on DVD or be streamed.
There are some films that I could watch over and over again:

  • The Bodyguard

  • Clue

  • The Harry Potter series (loved visiting the studio earlier this year!)

  • Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

  • Jurassic Park (the watching stats for this have boomed since Matt’s obsession with dinosaurs!)

Most of these are from the 80s and 90s so I grew up with them. I could also have listed all of the Disney films as we watched those many many times as a family 🙂 My own children aren’t huge film fans but we have seen all of the Thomas the Tank Engine films which are a perfect length for sustaining their interest.
What are your favourites?