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Time for Global Blogging (44)

Hello and welcome to the Global Blogging Linky and my third week as a host!
Once again I need to start off by saying a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who linked up last week.
It was a pleasure to read your posts and I can’t wait to read what you have written this week!
I have chosen this post by Dot Makes 4 as my favourite from last week : there are so many fab ideas here of things to achieve, I definitely want to challenge myself to try some of them 😀
One Messy Mama’s favourite post was this one from Nursery Whines and Shank You Very Much chose this one from Three Time Daddy: go and have a read if you missed them!
I am very excited to have been invited to join as a host for 2018. This year we have the extra twist that we want to be more active on social media (see below to get your posts shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)
Bloggers from all around the world are invited to link up their posts: come and join us!
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I look forward to reading your posts and getting social! Have a great week everyone!
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The shocking truth about safeguarding in our schools

I attended a training course on safeguarding on Friday. Have you heard of safeguarding?
It is the requirement to protect the health, well-being and human rights of individuals especially children, young people and vulnerable adults so that they can live free from abuse, harm and neglect.
As a member of staff at 3 different schools, it is essential that this training is completed once a year in order to be brought up to date with current legislation and be made aware of the circumstances affecting today’s children.


It is shocking and devastating to hear that so many children are affected by all sorts of abuse, neglect and social dangers ranging from cyber bullying to gangs to radicalisation.
As a mother it is awful to hear of the suffering that children are enduring in this country in the year 2018. I am guilty of thinking that it happens elsewhere, that it is rare. But I’m wrong. In the average class of 30 children, 6 will have witnessed or experienced some kind of abuse at home. Last year one of the schools I work in reported 5% of the children to children’s services due to concerns for their well-being and safety.

The stories are heartbreaking, like something you hear on the news. I know from my own experience in the classroom 10 years ago that there are young children who are not fed, not put to bed, not washed, that have not had a kind word said to them since leaving school the previous day. How can a child be ready to learn if they have not eaten breakfast? How can a child play when they are exhausted? How can a child behave when they have no boundaries set or no role model to emulate?
And our teachers are expected to be vigilant for the signs of abuse or neglect on top of everything else they are required to do. They are required to be deal with the daily aftermath of whatever may be happening at home, which may manifest itself a violence, withdrawal or self harm as well as the catastrophic impact on schoolwork. Our schools are then judged only on academic results rather than celebrating the positive social input that is invaluable to suffering children.

I think of the area we live in as a nice place but apparently there is a gang issue called County Lines going on. I had no idea. Young people are being targeted to traffic drugs in modern day slavery rings. This isn’t an inner city problem: it is happening HERE.

Social media has its part to play in exposing our children to all sorts of risks. It makes me fearful about the future of my own children as they grow in independence and require privacy. The parental controls will help to keep them protected from inappropriate material but not against messages and bullying online. Next week there is an e-safety meeting at their schools and last time it was a huge shock to discover some of the risks they face.
Radical ideologies are also disseminated through social media. The young make easy targets as they are vulnerable to making impulsive decisions and acting in a way to challenge their parental norms. Teens often feel powerless and restrained so being offered the opportunity to be in control is very appealing and abusers, gangs and extremists prey on this.

I do not want to worry you but it is important to be aware of modern dangers. Too often I think we assume it happens elsewhere but it doesn’t. I think we need to appreciate the tough job that is facing our schools.
I will give my children an extra hug and let them know that they are my world. I will remind them to be kind to others because other children may have sadness in their lives. I will protect them whilst letting them develop into adults that can face the world armed with awareness but not fear.

#MySundayPhoto a night out!

Chris and I got a special treat last night and had a night out to celebrate our engagement!
We went to Bella Italia in Camberley for an absolutely delicious meal and then watched Star Wars The Last Jedi again, hurrah!
Huge thanks to my parents for having the kids sleep over (it was Zach’s first time!)

Project 365 Week 3

Big events and the everyday are mixed together this week.
Day 14: well, the big news of the week was… we announced our engagement and are getting married in August!

Day 15: little Zach toasting our happy news with water 🙂

Day 16: all the toys in the world and all every kid wants is just a cardboard box!

Day 17: This boy does not take no for an answer! When I refused to put Hey Duggee on for the billionth time, he decided to try to do it himself.

Day 18: I have started doing the 7 minute workout again. I used to do it daily before getting pregnant but have struggled to find even 7 minutes to myself with 3 kids and 3 jobs plus my blog. However, the determination to tone up a little before I get in my wedding dress has spurred me to get on with it again.

Day 19: time for a bit of baking! This bread mix is so easy to make. Zach insisted on ‘helping’ but then I managed to distract him with some grapes.

Day 20: I have a confession: despite thinking I am not at all girly and definitely NOT princessy, the allure of tiaras has taken over my life. I remember as a child trying to make a tiara like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty out of chocolate foil wrappers and being disappointed they never looked right. Now I have bought 4 tiaras and wear them round the house as I try to decided which one to wear for my wedding…

This has not been a good week for bloggers

Social media seems to have been conspiring against us bloggers/digital influencers (or whatever the heck we are) this week.

First Facebook announced changes to the feed which will result in less posts being shown unless we pay to promote them. Not a problem if you have a big following, plenty of sponsored posts and a regular income. I don’t.

Then a company attacked a blogger asking for a freebie in exchange for promoting their business. The response was hideously vitriolic. I have written before at my surprise that bloggers are so poorly thought of by companies and the general public. Yet I am daily bombarded with offers to try products or insert links with little or no compensation. The benefit to the company is always far more than to the blogger. Yes a free product is nice but it won’t pay the bills or mortgage!
Today I got an email from YouTube to inform me that my channel will lose its monetisation as I do not have enough views or subscribers. This was a major blow and even more so as I worked really hard the LAST time they changed the rules removing monetisation from channels without 10,000 views.
The odds certainly seem stacked against me and many other bloggers and vloggers at the moment. It is ironic that we are encouraged to make use of small businesses but big business are trying to kill us off, true in the real world and the digital one as well.
If you enjoy reading my blog and watching my videos then please follow and subscribe on my social media. If there is a blog or channel out there that you enjoy, head over there now and support them! It takes so little effort on your part but can make a huge difference to me and my virtual colleagues.

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