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#GlobalBlogging 65

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging.
I hope you have all had a fab weekend! We had a great day out for Father’s Day to the Royal Military Academy.

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My favourite post from last week was this one from Bound For Somewhere. As a mum of three myself it really resonated with me!
Shank You Very Much loved this post from Life of an Ambitious Turtle. The Willow Foundation is a fab charity that helps adults with disabilities to enjoy days out or special treats.
One Messy Mama is still hosting via our blogs. She has chosen this post from Miller In The City: I have long hair but am starting to wonder if it is time for a change.
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Simply magical! the Warner Bros Studio Tour London-The Making of Harry Potter

When an email pinged in my mailbox with an invite to the Harry Potter Studio, I almost didn’t believe my eyes. Add to that, I didn’t get a letter by owl…
I may be a teeny bit of a Potter fan having read the books and seen the films many times over but I have never been to the tour which opened in 2012.

I am proud that Matthew has finally embarked on his Harry Potter journey and loves the books so all of us were beyond excited to be invited to a family blogger event. The lovely thing about this event was that although we were all bloggers or influencers, on this night we were all just parents with our families enjoying an evening together.

The tour begins with a quick introduction to Harry Potter and then you sit in a cinema as the main actors introduce the tour. Then you enter the Great Hall set and, wow, it is impressive and there are loads of little details that you may not have spotted in the film but the set-makers have included.

At one end of the Hall are the costumes for the main Hogwarts teachers. On this visit there was also the Triwizard Cup and Fred and George Weasley as the tour is showcasing the Goblet of Fire this summer.
Moving on is a huge warehouse packed with sets, scenes, costumes and props. There is so much to see and I could easily have spent hours looking at everything but I was mindful that I had 3 small children with me and it was already past their bedtime so I didn’t linger as long as I would have liked!

There is also the opportunity to have yourself photographed or videoed against a green screen whilst on a broomstick! I think this is an essential part of the tour!
There are other areas for photographs such as accessing Platform 9 and 3/4 but these photos can be taken personally.
At the cafe we decided to try Butterbeer and Butterbeer ice cream! The ice cream was delicious. The children were less keen on the Butterbeer itself as it is slightly fizzy and very creamy but Chris and I enjoyed it.
We sat outside as the sun set and admired the Knight Bus and 4 Privet Drive which was originally a house in Bracknell which is near where we live. We enjoyed walking across the covered gantry which was surprisingly wonky underfoot!
The second warehouse area is full of special effects including animatronics and models. We loved walking alon Diagon Alley admiring the shop window displays and imagining we were looking for our Hogwarts requirements. The final room is truly magnificent: a huge model of Hogwarts that really makes you gasp with amazement at the scale of detail.

We had an amazing time at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and I am so grateful for being invited to the event. My mum hates me just a little bit for not taking her with us as both of my parents are avid fans as well. The children had a brilliant time even though they haven’t seen the films as it was simply magical…

#Project365 week 24

Hang on, I’m not in any of these pics! I have been working every single day this week so am quite knackered…zzz…
Day 161: this is the photo I shared for last week’s #mysundayphoto

Day 162: I enjoyed some time relaxing in the garden but this little bee kept busy!

Day 163: when we visited the Lego Discovery Centre, Matthew loved the stop motion animation and has decided to create his own movies (dino version…)

Day 164: Matthew had an incredible evening raft building with the Cubs. I could tell he was worried and trying to psych himself up all the way through tea but then he was fearless: proud mum!

Day 165: a couple of weeks ago I lamented that the rose in the back garden only has a single flower. The front garden is more than making up for it and provides a lovely welcome home each day.

Day 166: Zach is a dab hand at the tablet and was showing off his skills to a super proud daddy!

Day 167: the truth behind this pic is that I made both sets but did let Annie play with them afterwards 🙂

#StayClassyMama 106 busy week!

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky.
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This week has been mega hectic! At least the sun is still shining and I’m in a remarkably good mood! Let’s get the weekend started: come and link up!
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