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#Blogmas18 day 10: Christmas cocktails

I am not really a fan of cocktails any more (wine, it’s all about the wine now!)
But Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a Snowball. The simplest way to make this is to mix together advocaat and lemonade in equal measure (or adjust to your own taste and need!)
Of course, in this cold weather, I am much more likely to make an alcoholic hot drink such as a Baileys hot chocolate or Irish coffee (simply add a slug of your favourite spirit to your usual warming drink!)

What are your favourite Christmas cocktails?

#StayClassyMama 10

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky.
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The featured post this week is this thoughtful post from This Mummy Rocks. Christmas is a time of celebration and happiness but safety for all must come first: have a read…
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#Blogmas18 day 9: my favourite Christmas jokes

I hear a lot of jokes as the kids try to out do each other. Even Zach joins in (thanks YouTube for this one that I endure multiple times a day: Knock, knock. Who’s there? The door)
But when it actually comes to Christmas jokes, my knowledge and that of the kids is surprisingly lacking. The only one I can remember is:
What was wrong with the poorly fairy? She had tinsel-itis!
I asked the kids on the school run and they came up with :
What do elves learn at school? The elf-abet!

I went searching for other jokes and these ones were my favourites:
Which carol do parents want to hear? Silent Night (please Zach, sleep through!!!)
What do wild animals sing at Christmas? Jungle Bells
Which reindeer was mean? Rude-olph
Do you think it will snow this Christmas? No, but it might rain dear (reindeer 🙂 )
Let me know your favourite Christmas joke in the comments!

#Blogmas18 day 8: Christmas craft ideas

Apparently it is time to get crafty, something which you know I am not keen on!
However, after seeing the joy on Zach’s face when he made a ghost for Halloween, I decided to get the PVA glue and cotton wool out again 🙂

Simply cut out a snowman shape. Draw on a face and colour the hat.
Drizzle some glue and apply small balls of cotton wool.

Add some other decorations, for example, buttons down the tummy or wrap some cloth to make a scarf.
Make a small snip in the hat and thread through some string or ribbon (we have purple because it is left over from our wedding and we have about 5 metres of the stuff!).
And, voila, done!

Keep Her Close by Erik Therme

This is a book that plays on the fears of every parent: the disappearance of your child.
Ally has lived with the mystery of her previous family but now wants to discover the truth. She was found beside the body of a woman presumed to be her mother but has no recollection of her previous life. Her adoptive parents Dan and Holly found her and fought to keep her: they have been protecting her ever since despite the breakdown of their own relationship.
Ally disappears with the intention to find out the truth about her past and her biological family but things are not what they seem…
Dan and Holly race to find Ally but can they trust her friends?
The first part of the book is the frantic search for Ally by her parents and the second part is what really happened to her. As a parent myself, I really felt that the fears felt by the parents to be honest and relatable.
Keep Her Close has short chapters to maintain the momentum but which also makes it easy to read around being a busy mum: great! It was a quicker read than I expected but didn’t appear too short – maybe I was reading it faster than I thought because I was caught up in the plot 🙂


Title:         Keep Her Close   
Author:     ERIK THERME  
Publication Day: Dec 5th 2018
Someone took your daughter. And nobody believes you…
Three-year-old Ally was found alone in a parking lot.
She was barefoot and dressed only in a yellow sundress. In the middle of winter.
What kind of person would abandon their daughter?
Fifteen years later and Ally has a new family.
But her real father has sent her a letter.
And now Ally is missing. 
A gripping twist-filled thriller that will have you looking over your shoulder. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and Teresa Driscoll. 


Author Bio:
Erik Therme has thrashed in garage bands, inadvertently harbored runaways, and met Darth Vader. When he’s not at his computer, he can be found cheering for his youngest daughter’s volleyball team, or watching horror movies with his seventeen-year-old. He currently resides in Iowa City, Iowa—one of only twenty places in the world UNESCO has certified as a City of Literature.
Author Social Media Links: