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Why I tell my children the world is a good place

This morning I sat down with my children and told them about the events in Manchester. It is becoming too regular an occurrence (just two months ago in London 🙁 ) but the message I give my children each and every time is that the world is a good place, full of good people. I want them to believe in the power of hope and love, not hate.

And this is the reason that terrorism will never win. Change through violence will never succeed when love and hope exist. And they do. The stories that emerge from each terrorist attack prove that the humanity and kindness of strangers far outweighs the hatred of the few.
My heart aches for the families affected by this tragedy, those lives changed forever by a misguided individual.
There were children killed, injured and missing after last night’s attack. Families devastated by the decision of one person. I cannot imagine the pain, words are not enough to convey the horror of what I have seen in the news.
Why? I simply do not understand the mentality of suicide bombers and terrorists. Their actions bewilder me. How can their definition of their faith allow the murder of innocents? Life is precious. EVERY life is precious.
I am of course making assumptions about the perpetrator’s motives which at this stage are unknown. But any ideology that results in the slaughter of others is wrong.
Every time I speak to my children about faith and beliefs, I emphasise that all are equal. I tell them what I believe and explain that I could be wrong. They do not have to share my beliefs and I encourage them to question and form their own opinions.
Parents have a tough choice whether to tell their children what is going on. I don’t know whether I am doing the right thing by telling my children but feel it is important that they know what is happening. I don’t want to scare them which is why I focus on the tales of bravery, hope and love that emerge while we are gripped by sadness.
I will hold my children close tonight. Warn them of dangers but emphasise the good in the vast majority of people. Tell them that love will always drive out hate, that in the darkness of the future they will be the shining beacon of hope.

This is for Manchester and all the other cities affected by vile acts of cowardice. 

This is for our future, our world, our children.

This is for love.

Show the world that hope and good are not extinguished

and never will be.

Avon Color Trend Lipstick in Coffee Cone


Last week I shared with you my experience of Avon’s Color Trend Nail Polish in Wild Blackcurrant (fab colour!). Well, this is the other item I bought in the 2 for £4 offer which I got the chance to try out this week.
The packaging is so sweet! Really girly and pretty, I think more suited for young women than someone of my advancing years (birthday AGAIN next week 🙁 ). Thinking about my age, it is time to admit that I bought this out of nostalgia: 20 plus years ago I was using Avon’s Color Trend lipstick in Cafe au Lait which is very similar to this new shade. It was my favourite, subtle enough not to get into trouble at school for wearing makeup but pretty enough to make my lips shimmer.


The photos don’t really do the colour justice 🙁 I think my skin colour has darkened over the year from time in the sum so I’m not sure it flatters me as much as it did in the past. But it felt lovely to be wearing lippie again after so long and the colour was pretty. I have a feeling that I will be sharing this with 4 year old Anya 🙂
I’m definitely happy with the lipstick, even if Zach looks a bit grumpy 🙂

STUPID stuff I used to believe before kids

I have always been desperate to have children. I thought I knew it all. Then almost 7 years ago my life changed completely with the arrival of a little person with no instruction manual (or too many?! judging by the number of books and websites on parenting!)
Below are some of the ridiculous and frankly stupid things I believed before having kids.
  • Parenting was easy
Oh yes. I was a traitor! I thought the parents who couldn’t control their children or stop them crying were lazy or just crap. Now I know what an idiot I was! Children are not easy. Their demands, likes, dislikes, feelings, all change in a heartbeat and you have NO chance of catching up 🙁 The colour of plate DOES matter. The crusts DO affect the taste of the toast. Not being allowed to wear t shirt and shorts in a blizzard IS unreasonable.
  • Kids wee all the time
I honestly thought that children were like mice and weed constantly and this was why they had to wear nappies. Imagine my shock when I discover they can hold it in and then release at the worst possible moment! Matthew taught me the fun that is ‘wee fountain’. Little boys have the ability to hose everything in sight. I thought girls were different. And yes, instead we had ‘wee flood’. Zach was completely traumatised by an enormous wee incident when very young and now hates weeing anywhere except his nappy. Goodness knows how he will cope with potty training!
  • I’m tired.
Yes I was. But it was NOTHING to how tired I am now. I used to have naps! There is something ridiculously bone weary about me now. If I sit down, it takes a lot of effort to get me up again. But I keep going, I have no choice. In the morning I may not want to get out of bed but there are 3 beseeching little faces that force me to get up (plus all the fidgeting and arguing drives me to escape asap!)
  • I would never wee or poo in front of anyone
I have always been an intensely private person so the thought of using the toilet in front of someone was completely beyond belief. Now the bathroom door is never shut for fear of some almighty catastrophe that would occur for that few precious minutes. I confess to taking longer in the bathroom than I actually need. If Chris or someone is looking after the kids then I sit there on the loo and just REST.
  • Nothing would keep me away from a book
Oh dear. How little I knew. Reading is a precious commodity these days. Maybe half an hour every other day after the kids are in bed 🙁 always in the bath (ooh, the danger!) I used to read 2 books a week minimum, now I’m lucky to manage 1 a month. I foolishly thought that kids would be more independent than they actually are. I hanker for a summer afternoon spent outside reading in the sun while the children play quietly or read as well. Instead, they fall over, try to eat stones, argue, try to sit on me, get hungry etc etc. Maybe in another 5 years…?
Have any aspects of parenthood surprised you? Let me know in the comments!

Our Tiny Bees: Citrus Bath Melt review

I confess I saw this product and was desperate to try it! I had never tried bath oil before so I had absolutely NO IDEA what to expect 🙂


Wow, wow, WOW!

I seriously cannot tell you just how much I adored this Bath Melt!
Our Tiny Bees have made an incredible product that feels makes skins feel luxurious and pampered. At only £4.95 for a bar that lasts between 6 and 24 baths depending on how much you use (1-4 squares recommended, I used 2 the first time and 1 each time after that), it also represents fantastic value for money.
First of all, appearance. It looks like chocolate, how clever! This makes it really easy to break off as much as you want.
Next, the aroma. Oh my goodness! I love lemon so this citrus scent was AMAZING!  Just when you open the packet, it hits you but that is nothing compared to how it fills the whole bathroom once melted!
The melt. This feature is just like chocolate too! The melt took about 5 minutes to happen and once it had the room smelt divine, the bath had a glossy oily sheen through all the water not just the surface.
I soaked in the water for about 15 minutes (could have stayed there for hours!) and when I climbed out my skin had a coating to it that it difficult to describe. It felt oiled but not at all greasy. I patted myself dry to avoid rubbing off the layer (don’t know if this was necessary!).
My skin retained a little of the scent but the main difference was the FEEL! Without sounding too weird, I sat there stroking the skin of my arms and legs for ages: it felt sooooooo good! (My partner loved the feel too 😉 )
I tried 2 nights later, just with 1 square this time. The scent wasn’t as strong but the effect on my skin was pretty similar so I’ll stick to 1 square most of the time.
Bad news time… everyone wants to share it! I walked into the bathroom last night while Chris was running a bath and was instantly hit by the citrus scent and he confessed to using one precious square! (His skin felt fab too!) My mum has also asked to try it. My kids want it!
Our Tiny Bees have a fab ethos as well as making amazing products: all are sustainable, naturally effective and support British bees and their keepers. Nothing nasty in there at all, all 100% natural ingredients. Plus, bees keep our planet healthy!
I plan to buy the other bath melts available asap as I don’t want to run out (disaster!) and this is seriously one of the best things I have tried in my entire life.

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. My honest opinion is simply that I REALLY loved it.