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Fun at Frensham Little Pond

After our trip to the Rural Centre near Farnham, we weren’t ready to give up on the day and return home so a quick look at Trip Advisor told us that Frensham Little Pond was close by. I remembered seeing on Facebook that friends had visited there in the past so we headed straight over.
The whole place was simply stunning.
Even the toilets were immaculate (and purple decor!)
The children had a great time playing by the sandy edge to the pond. Other children were paddling and had buckets and spades, next time we’ll plan ahead and have towels etc.
It was just beautiful and we definitely plan to go again, maybe taking Ollie with us next time!

Trip to the Rural Life Centre, Tilford near Farnham

We set off for another local adventure, near to Farnham Castle and Waverley Abbey that we had visited recently.
The Rural Life Centre contains all sorts of exhibits from country life over the past 150 years, with photos of many of the places that have been moved to the site. This weekend there are lots of woodworking activities going on and many items of machinery being demonstrated. On Sundays the Old Kiln narrow gauge railway is in service and this is definitely something we’d like to return to on another visit.


The centre had free parking and cost us £27 for a family ticket for the 5 of us to enter.
There were a few activities dotted around to entertain the children but the best bit for the kids was the playground.
They also loved the woodland walk and the massive array of trees. Matthew enjoyed running up to each and finding out which sort it was. The redwood was magnificent!

There were also beautiful flowers sprinkled everywhere, creating a lovely calm environment.
Next time we visit, we will take a picnic as the cafe was slightly disappointing. The queue was horrendous and they had a reduced menu advertised but extras were available if you asked.
We asked and managed to get chicken nuggets, chips and beans for the kids which was excellent value for money and really tasty. I wanted an omelette but this was not up on the board, I later saw someone else have one and was very jealous 🙁 We were also wrongly charged and were spoken to quite sharply by the person who delivered the food, and then had to queue (again!) to pay correctly.
Overall, the centre was a beautiful place to visit. Educational, functional, nostalgic and fun.

Five things I’m looking forward to next week (Friday 21st April)

So today is the last day of the holidays and we have a few last things planned for the weekend. Then it is back to school for the kids and work for me (all 3 jobs as we enter exam season! see my exam advice if you have kids taking exams this year)
We have had a lovely Easter holiday but there are some things I cannot wait for next week:
  • Exfoliating and epilating my legs
Even Anya has noticed that my legs are in a dire state and she took pity on me and started plucking them for me this week so I can’t wait to give myself a little attention

  • Look for some trousers that FIT
I have regained my pre-baby weight but am carrying it differently so my trousers no longer fit 🙁 I am between sizes so everything is too baggy or too tight which is really frustrating so a shopping trip is on the cards
  • My search for some comfy shoes/sandals/flipflops continues
I strive every year to find comfortable summer shoes to wear on the school run. I want something pretty which I can walk in for 30 minutes. Doesn’t sound too tricky, does it?! Yet it eludes me every time!
  • Cooking and baking
I had forgotten how much kids eat. At Christmas Zach was still on miniscule portions but now he has upped the quantity so the meals I had batched cooked and stored in the freezer disappeared quicker than anticipated. I also avoid baking with the kids around as it works best one at a time and that hasn’t been possible this holiday. Plus Zach can’t be left alone for more than a nanosecond without screaming his head off or trashing something. So I can’t wait to get cooking and baking again!
  • Time for blogging!
I love my kids more than life itself but this is how I have been working the past 2 weeks
So a little bit of personal space will be very much appreciated!


The unluckiest woman in the world wins TWO competitions!

I count myself as very unlucky when it comes to competitions. But this month I have won not one but two different prizes. (Admittedly I have entered more competitions in the last couple of months that I have in the last decade.)
First up was a puzzle from BattleMum. I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle in over 2 years 🙁 so I was thrilled to win this puzzle and couldn’t wait to get started!
Here is a little video of happy me:

Then I won a Nipper Notebook from the company Tiddlers and Nippers via the competition run by From Tum to Mum
This is such a simple, classic design and the plain lined pages are just itching to be filled with all of Matthew, Anya and Zach’s adventures. I love the elastic to keep the pages together and prevent the kids trashing it 🙂
It is such a shame that I don’t have a keepsake book of their earliest years as I’ve forgotten so much and the Tiddler Tracker would have been perfect 🙁
Maybe my luck has changed…yay!


Fun at the Look Out Discovery Centre, Bracknell

Picture the scene. We trundle out to the car and get in. Chris starts the engine. Anya pipes up ‘Are we going somewhere?’. Chris and I look at each other biting back a sarcastic answer of ‘no, we’re just going to sit in the car on the driveway for a few hours’.
We headed off to Bracknell which is about 15 minutes away. None of us have ever been to the Look Out before. It is a huge forest complex with a Go Ape section, a playground, bike hire shop and of course our destination the Discovery Centre. Even the car park provided loads of interest with the sheer scale of the trees.
Speaking of the car park, it is pay and display but the fee is deducted from the centre ticket if you present the stub.
So the entry cost for us was £20 with £2 refunded for the car park and Zach was free. We were offered the opportunity to go to an interactive balloon show for an extra fee but we decided against it as we weren’t sure if the kids would be ravenous by that time and spoil the experience. We were given wrist bands which gave the opportunity to go in and out of the centre as many times as we wanted that day and we could buy show tickets later if we wanted.
Matthew got to grips with some giant Lego bricks and then they all headed for the ball pool!
After a battle to get Zach and his buggy up the stairs (we didn’t find the lift until we were heading back down *rolls eyes*), we had fun with mirrors and the older two were fascinated by the body activities.
The light and colour exhibition was great fun with a shadow wall and a dance zone where moving in front of coloured lights made music.
We also had more mirror fun with a two way mirror
The Look Out tower was an amazing cardio workout! I thought my thighs would never recover but the view was spectacular from the top and the way down was much less strenuous! Matthew was terrified of the height but still made it all the way to the top whereas Anya raced on ahead, the daredevil!
At the base of the tower is the building section with a small house that the children can renovate with roof tiles, or build walls (more giant Lego). There were also ride on diggers and trucks, hard hats and hi-vis jackets
At lunchtime we decided to make a move and head off for food. The Look Out does have a coffee shop but we wanted a full meal after all those stairs. We had planned to return later in the day and maybe visit the balloon show. However the car park was an absolute nightmare and completely full as we left so we decided that rather than returning later we would go back to Crowthorne (where we went a few weeks ago) which was on the way home.
Overall, the Look Out was loads of fun and we’d happily go again, maybe taking a picnic with us so that we can double the length of our visit. It will be nice to go when Zach is older and can join in with the activities.