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I was tagged in the #20factsaboutme yesterday on Instagram so thought I’d share on my blog too!

Thanks to @littleheartsbiglove for tagging me to write #20factsaboutme

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  1. My life is not going the way I planned in any way!
  2. I used to be a dental nurse and once pulled out a tooth with the suction
  3. I am a vegetarian because I don’t like animals. I don’t want them to come to any harm, I just don’t want them anywhere near me
  4. I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy after being covered in spots for months back in 2000
  5. I met my partner Chris through
  6. I finally moved out of my parents’ home at the age of 33, and we live 2 streets away
  7. I found my first grey hair 4 years ago this month
  8. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and was training to be an educational psychologist when I became pregnant with Matthew
  9. Motherhood has not come naturally to me, I don’t consider myself maternal
  10. I love Mexican food
  11. I won a trophy for most promising pupil in Year 7, it’s gone downhill since then!
  12. I passed my driving test first time, much to the astonishment of my instructor and my mum!
  13. I am an exam invigilator at one school and clerk to the governors at two other schools.
  14. I would love to travel to Italy and Egypt but have a fear of flying (I blacked out the last time I tried 🙁 )
  15. Matthew is the name I would have had if I’d been a boy.
  16. My favourite colour is purple and so is Chris’! (we are perfect together in every way 🙂 )
  17. On my first day in the classroom someone spat Wotsits all over me
  18. I am very shy but can put on an act (I pretend my glasses and make up are a wall)
  19. I really can’t sing but that doesn’t stop me!
  20. I love cheesy pop music

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Sainsbury’s Free From Pecan Tarts

I am not a nutty person (I can hear my sister spluttering over that 😉 and Chris also sniggered)
By which I mean I don’t really eat many nuts so I admit to being a little dubious about trying these. My uncle and aunt bought these for Zach’s birthday party and they are delicious, I was really pleasantly surprised, especially as they are not something I would normally choose for myself.
The pastry is crisp and crumbly. The pecan and toffee filling is rich, syrupy and soft and then you have the crunchy pecans on top. The flavours and textures work really well together so I can definitely imagine myself buying these again in the future.

World Penguin Day

Who knew?!
Since I started blogging I have discovered loads of celebrations that the world has to acknowledge the wonderful planet we inhabit.
Chris’ first reaction was ‘the chocolate bar’

I thought about the book company (which also makes Ladybird books, I didn’t know that!)
And while these are something to celebrate, I think the bird is what we are supposed to concentrate on!
So I decided to find out some interesting penguin facts (well, stuff I didn’t know that made me go ‘ooh’ when I read it 🙂 )
  • The Galapagos penguin lives near the equator.
  • Prehistoric penguins were as big as humans.
  • The little blue penguin is also called the fairy penguin and weighs only 1kg.
  • There are between 17 and 20 breeds of penguin: experts disagree on the exact number!
  • The black and white feathers are for camouflage.
World Penguin Day is held on the 25th April as this is around the time that penguins begin their annual migration north. Take a moment today to think of them embarking on their journey and if you can please support wildlife organisations that are protecting this beautiful bird.

Shyness: an open letter to the other mums on the playground

Hi Ladies

We are nearly at the end of our journey through infant school together. Some of you I have never even spoken to and I’m sorry.

I may seem stand-offish or even rude. But actually I am very socially awkward and shy.

Some of you are glamorous and wear make up and designer clothes. I haven’t worn make up in months and my clothes are covered in food, snot and baby sick.

Some of you have carefully washed and styled hair. Mine is tied back to stop it being ripped out by Zach’s grasping hands.

Some of you dress for the gym. I haven’t even managed to find time for the 7 minute workout in almost 2 years.

Some of you like partying and have very active social lives. I’m so exhausted I want to be in bed by 8.30pm (and often am 🙂 )

Some of you stay at home all day and seem to revel in doing crafts etc. I stay home most of the time and am driven crazy by minions of doom whose sole purpose is to make as much mess as possible.

Some of you go out to work. My three jobs are mostly at home but when I do go in I don’t need to wear anything other than jeans.

So in the new term, our last term, I hope to be a little bit braver because it may be my last chance to spend time with you as our children may go to different junior schools.


Fun at Frensham Little Pond

After our trip to the Rural Centre near Farnham, we weren’t ready to give up on the day and return home so a quick look at Trip Advisor told us that Frensham Little Pond was close by. I remembered seeing on Facebook that friends had visited there in the past so we headed straight over.
The whole place was simply stunning.
Even the toilets were immaculate (and purple decor!)
The children had a great time playing by the sandy edge to the pond. Other children were paddling and had buckets and spades, next time we’ll plan ahead and have towels etc.
It was just beautiful and we definitely plan to go again, maybe taking Ollie with us next time!