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Yesterday was a big day…

So yesterday was a big day: Anya’s fifth birthday but also her first full day of school. A big day for her but also a big day for me. Matthew’s birthday (and mine) are both in May half term so I have always had the children with me for their birthdays, but today was different and I had to spend 7 hours apart for my little girl on her special day 🙁
I had spent time before the actual day reinforcing how she would get to spend the day with her friends and trying to make it seem exciting but my heart was aching all day for my little girl. I even called Zach Anya twice which I have never done before, she was on my mind all day and I missed her so much.

In other news I have got a new camera!
But back to the birthday: we did presents first thing so that Anya didn’t have to wait! It was a slight Barbie overload! Take a look at the video of the Amazon delivery here. The main present we bought was a Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye, a crawling, drinking, weeing baby doll and Anya LOVED it! So did Matthew and Zach!


And so straight after school we headed out to the outskirts of Bracknell’s McDonalds where Anya had chosen for her birthday tea. It has a small indoor soft play area and over the road is a playground! I managed to stop myself getting my uniform on and making a Big Mac 😉
Home again for cake (made by Chris as he’d taken the day off specially for her birthday), a few more pressies and play!
Anya had a really happy birthday and took being at school for the whole day in her stride. I was the one who struggled and I’m finding it difficult today as well 🙁


Marwell Zoo and the Great (Lego) Brick Safari

Somehow a whole month has got away from me! We visited Marwell just after we got back from holiday at the beginning of August and I have so busy I forgot to share our fantastic day!
What is better than showing the children the wonders of the natural world? The real thing plus Lego versions!

We didn’t tell the kids where we were going, just said we were going out for a picnic. That pesky Matthew and his ability to read meant he figured out the destination but he managed to keep quiet!
Visitors are met by their first Lego build just inside the entrance. This lion is truly magnificent, brilliantly designed and very lifelike. It is actually my favourite of all the 24 Lego builds dotted around the zoo.
I love big cats and was delighted to see the cheetahs out and about in their enclosure.
Anya and Matthew measured up outside the giraffe house, a little bit of growing still to do! It was feeding time so we got to see the giraffes up close as they had their breakfast then a brave ‘little one’ headed outside to explore.
The elephant Lego creation is massive and very impressive. Zach missed it! zzzzz…
More big cats! The tiger was having a lay down in an awkward position but I managed to capture this beautiful jaguar on camera.
One day I would love to go on safari and see the animals in their natural habitat. Until then I will have to make do with zoos and Lego!
During a particularly rainy point in the day we headed to the giant marquee to play with Lego! There was a huge pit filled with lght and dark grey bricks so the kids got stuck in!
The kids then had the opportunity to design their own minifigure: this took a LOOOOOONG time There is an additional chrge for this but it is comparable to the normal price of a minifigure blind bag and the fun was priceless.

Finally we headed home but not before a couple more pics with the Lego lion, this time acting up for the camera! Terrifying…
The Brick Safari at Marwell only lasts another 2 weeks so head over soon and don’t miss out on these wonderful creations!

Hair today, gone tomorrow

My body has changed quite a lot after having 3 children.
My hair is one area that I don’t really give much consideration. Apart from hunting for those elusive grey hairs which hide away and then reveal themselves flamboyantly by sticking out at right angles to my head 🙁 Apart from when Zach pulls out a clump or Anya plays hairdressers, ouch! 🙁

Anyway… my hair has always been quite bushy especially during the ‘glow’ of pregnancy. I have no idea if my hair loss is normal or if I should be concerned (why do the white ones never shed???)
Here is a photo taken this week after I’d washed and combed my hair. I have to clear out my brush often as well but that isn’t included here 🙂

So what are the options? Well, there are a number of hair treatment costs available to meet every budget so I will definitely be taking action if the hair loss seems to affect the overall appearance of my hair.
Hair loss for men is also a concern for me. Men take after their maternal grandfather with regard to hair and so it is likely that the children will take after my dad whose hair is thinner than he would like. Mum says I make bald babies which isn’t strictly true as they’ve all had hair but it has been quite fair and fine: I’m still waiting for Zach’s hair to thicken!

There have been some amazing advances in dealing with male pattern baldness and treatments continue to improve. Hair transplants for men are now possible and the hair transplant cost is offset by the confidence it provides.
So what are your opinions? Have you noticed that your hair has changed as you have got older or since having children? Have you or your partner considered hair loss treatments? Should I?

*collaborative post

Ninja…..go!!! Lego Ninjago Movie minifigures

It’s all about Ninjago in our house right now! A few months ago we hadn’t the foggiest who Jay, Kai, Zane etc were but now we do!

The children have lived and breathed Ninjago this summer (apparently it involves lots of jumping off furniture brandishing a sword…) and can’t wait for the arrival of the latest Lego movie due out in October. Being a Lego collector, I have bought the set of minifigure blind bags:

Matthew is majorly excited about going to see the film and has said it is top of his bucket list. OK so he doesn’t actually know what a bucket list is, but oh well! The thing about the film is it is completely different to the series so I hope it lives up to expectations. They have made some changes to the character designs (hair, eyes and even names!)
I expect more of the sets will be coming Matthew’s way for Christmas…