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IoW2017: Brading Roman Villa

Due to the rain, we wanted somewhere under cover so headed over to our second Roman experience of the holiday (still trying to learn lots for Matthew’s first school topic 🙂 .
Brading Roman Villa is much bigger than the one in Newport. It is basically a huge shed on top of a hill but what is inside is precious. This is a new building after water damage affected the Roman artifacts about 15 years ago. There were things to see outside but the rain scared us off 🙁
The surviving mosaics are magnificent, particularly the cock headed man (no sniggering please!)

The children had so much to do here and were completely enchanted with a dolls’ house version of the villa.

There was also the opportunity to dress up…


I confess I can’t remember if I am a centurian or the cock headed man in this…

There was also a fun game for creating Roman figures:

My sister pointed out we have the same shoes. I bet he didn’t get sparkly ones from Tu



IoW2017: Osborne House

It rained. Oh boy, did it rain!
Thankfully we were able to wash off the Penguin bar that Zach decided to wear rather than eat…
The magnificence of Osborne House was in no way diminished by the weather although we didn’t fancy enjoying the gardens or beach 🙁

The house is stunning, filled with portraits that are famous national treasures. Once again we used our English Heritage membership to gain entry. The main problem is no buggies are allowed inside the house so Zach had to be carried which was a bit of a pain. The children had an activity booklet to complete and enjoyed looking for clues and then successfully finding the Queen’s gloves which had been ‘lost’.

I enjoyed the costumes from the upcoming film about Queen Victoria featuring Judi Dench.

The absolute highlight for the children was the trip on the minibus! 25 years ago this was a horse and cart but it has modernised!

We had our picnic outside the Swiss Cottage. To me, this is what holidays are all about. Sitting in the rain eating a picnic together and watching the world go by.

We had stocked up on grub at Waitrose before arrival and I had treated myself to a (very expensive but very tasty) wheat/gluten free cheese ploughman’s roll.

After lunch the children dressed as Victorians, we had one last whizz around the main house (which was extraordinarily busy, probably due to the weather) and then we decided to venture onwards and defy the rain!



Happy anniversary Chris! Amazing things my partner has taught me :)

Three years ago today, Chris and I went on our first date.
It seems like a lifetime ago yet three years is also an incredibly short amount of time. We have certainly packed a lot in but we had already wasted so much of our lives apart that we wanted to get on with it!

Chris has taught me so much and here are a few!
  • Multi-screens
I never saw the point of more than one screen before I met Chris but now I am a complete convert. It is useful for work, blogging, keeping the kids entertained while I work on something else etc etc.


  • Marmite
I had no idea a person could or would put that much Marmite on a piece of toast. It was a shock!
  • Being a parent is in the heart not in the blood

Yes you are looking at a pile of toilet paper. My kids have problems pulling off toilet paper squares so at home we have a pile ready for them. On holiday I forgot. When I went in the bathroom a few hours after arrival (and several toilet visits later), I found Chris had done it.

There are so many other times when Chris has just acted as a dad. He isn’t jealous of the focus I have on the children, he doesn’t begrudge me spending time with them. He throws himself in to our days out and makes them special for us all.
  • Coding
If someone had said 5 years ago that I would run a blog and do (basic!!!) coding then I would simply not have believed it. Yet here I am looking for codes for font colours, no follow links and other stuff that was simply not on my radar and I would have thought was beyond me.
  • Self belief

Chris believes in me and I believe in him. We support each other in everything. We are a team, a couple, parents, lovers, friends. Some days are hard but we have each other and I’m looking forward to growing old together.
Chris, thank you for everything you do for us as a family and me especially.




(I couldn’t choose between Star Wars and Game of Thrones…)

IoW2017: Yarmouth Castle and Fort Victoria

Next we wanted to go to Yarmouth Castle to once again make use of our English Heritage membership. The sat nav was not our friend 🙁 We drove in circles down one way streets until we decided to give up and park in a car park and then wandered around on foot.
First we discovered the pier, The floor boards all have sponsor names on and this was a lovely idea. The children were a little afraid being out over the sea but soon relaxed and enjoyed the views. Except Zach, he was asleep the whole time…

Suddenly we found the castle! It is a lot smaller than Carisbrooke and had a different purpose: sea defence.

I took the older 2 upstairs to explore the rooms while Chris waited with Zach. When he finally woke we were able to get him out of the pushchair for a run around the cannon!


At last we decided to move on and visit Fort Victoria, another sea defence.
Inside the old fortifications are a range of attractions and we couldn’t help but visit the model railway! On entry we were given a sheet of paper with things to look out for, I think we only missed one but my eyes couldn’t cope with any more searching 🙁

There wasn’t time to enjoy any other of the attractions so we spent some time relaxing on the beach before returning ot the Carthouse for the evening.