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Wedding Wednesday: the tradition of the white wedding dress

I always assumed that the white wedding dress was an old one based on notions of purity and virginity but actually it originated with Queen Victoria! In the Western world it was usual for a bride to wear her most elaborate and expensive dress at her wedding as a sign of her social standing. This […]

Wedding Wednesday: picking the perfect bouquet

  My wedding flowers have arrived! It makes the whole thing start to feel a bit more real! I won’t share pics of my flowers until my big day but I thought I’d tell you a little of the thought process that went into this very tricky decision! The first decision I had to make […]

Without A Hitch by Bettina Hunt

The Blurb: The path of true love never runs smooth, the path to the perfect wedding, even bumpier. They have been dreaming of this day for as long as they can remember, but what happens when fate has other plans… Sienna is determined not to become a bridezilla but planning a wedding is proving much […]

Wedding Wednesday: Show The Bride bridal planner

Congratulations you’re engaged! Now what…? Show The Bride has launched a bridal planner which includes a checklist so that no wedding essential is left out. Written by a bridal blogger who has been writing for over 5 years on the subject, it is easy to use and has a wealth of experience to help the […]

Wedding Wednesday: should children attend weddings?

Recently I wrote a post about whether children should be allowed to attend funerals. I have never been to a child free wedding and never even considered it as an option for our own wedding this summer. Yet I know that some weddings specify ‘no children’ on the invite. I think I would panic if […]

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