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Mr Kipling Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell Loaf Cake

I couldn’t resist it! I saw this on offer at the supermarket and just HAD to try it! I love the flavours of cherry bakewells and combined in a cake was something that I needed in my life 🙂 Mr Kipling has finally got round to producing wheat free bakes! I remember Mr Kipling products […]

Birthdays! (Wednesday 31st May)

It has been a busy couple of days with first Matthew’s birthday and then mine! My oldest baby is 7. How did that happen?! 7 whole years have passed since I first held that tiny (8lb 5oz! bad memory is a wonderful thing…) baby and became a mum. 7 years of watching him become a […]

Amy’s Kitchen Cheese Pizza

I am so sorry Amy’s Kitchen. I love some of your products so much (particularly your burrito!). I love your ethos, the story behind your food. But this pizza tasted seriously unpleasant 🙁 I bought this from Ocado for £3.20 for 170g (usual price £4). It is the smallest of the pizzas I have tried […]

National Vegetarian Week 15th-21st May

Hurrah! I am vegetarian! Now something you may not know is the reason for my vegetarianism. I may be about to make myself deeply unpopular. I am vegetarian because I don’t like animals. There, I’ve said it. Most people look at me oddly when I say that and one ex even said that I should […]

Step away from the wheat! Things I miss since becoming wheat free

I stopped eating wheat in 2001 after being diagnosed with a wheat allergy. On the day of my diagnosis I had eaten toast for breakfast, pasta for lunch and pizza for tea. My life changed forever and here are a few things I miss: eating huge bowls of pasta. Now I’m eating pasta costing at […]