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The Bluebell Girls, by Barbara Josselsohn

Jenna returns to her hometown at Lake Summers to care for her mother who has had a fall and may have mild dementia. She is nursing a sore heart following the end of her marriage and her ex’s subsequent engagement which he has not told their daughter Sophie about. Her heart is further confused when […]

#Project366 2020 week 39

Day 264: the children were a little unimpressed that we are still doing the Joe Wicks workouts to earn screen time Day 265: Ollie looks as exhausted as I feel! Day 266: there’s a unicorn in our garden! Day 267: soggy school run, seriously back to normality then! Day 268: OMG!!! Matt’s secondary school application […]

The Stolen Letter, by Clara Benson

  The Stolen Letter begins with Stella travelling to Italy to stay with her stepmother who has just remarried. It is 1938 and tensions are high in Europe. Stella’s father was an art dealer at a time when the Nazis were stealing Jewish art. Stella’s stepmother is hunting for missing paintings and hopes Stella can […]

Fiesta Crafts unicorn head card craft kit

I’m sure that many other mums with girls have unicorns dotted all around the house. I don’t remember them being soooo popular when I was a child but now they definitely are!   Anya adores unicorns so I was excited to receive this Fiesta card craft kit to review. There are several different kits available […]

Dead Woman Crossing, by J.R. Adler

    New York detective Kimberley King moves to the small town where her mother now lives. Dead Woman Crossing is named after the unsolved murder of a young woman in front of her baby over a hundred years ago. The townsfolk are traditional especially with regard to gender roles so Kimberley struggles to adapt […]