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#ParentPower linky 4

Hello and thank you to everyone who joined us last week for our new blog linky…#ParentPower! Please tell your blogging friends about us to encourage them to join in too ๐Ÿ™‚ You don’t need to be a parent to join in but family friendly posts are essential. Have you any parenting hacks, recipes or gift […]

The Faithfuls, by Cecilia Lyra

  The Dewars own Alma Boots, an all American family business that has created its own township and community. But the society and family are devastated by claims that CEO Bobby Dewar has had an affair. His wife Gina doesn’t know if she can trust him but soon other family secrets risk being made public […]

#DreamTeam 217

Thank you for joining us at #DreamTeamLinky hosted by me alongside 3 Little Buttons and Navigating Baby, yay! Happy Sunday! Hope life is treating you kindly ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been busy this week as Zach has officially started school and it was Anya’s birthday on Friday Take a look at the rules, add our badge and […]

Their Silent Graves, by Carla Kovach

  A fresh grave is discovered with a bell without a clapper. The man has been buried alive, desperate to escape. But the grave is silent and no one comes to save him… I remember reading a book as a teenager about the Victorian tradition of attaching a bell to dead people’s fingers due to […]

Flowers for the Dead, by Barbara Copperthwaite

  TRIGGER WARNING: Flowers for the Dead contains sexual and emotional abuse Adam doesnโ€™t look for victims, he looks for women to love him. When this fails to happen in the flesh, he kills them so that their souls become part of him. Laura is the next woman he falls in love with, but she […]