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The Safe Place, by L.A. Larkin

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Jessie is an outcast after accusing her ex of being violent. Ruth is new in town and feels isolated. The town of Eagle Falls is also home to a dangerous arsonist with murder in mind…
The Safe Place is a crime thriller centred around arson and murder. It is a stand alone novel and I have previously reviewed Widow’s Island by L.A. Larkin.
Jessie and Ruth are great characters whose confidence has taken a knock. Both are struggling to fit in with the neighbourhood and feel the whole town is against them. I found that I liked both women and wanted them to be given a fair chance. I even felt angry at the prejudice against them whilst they have both been through so much trauma in their pasts.
Wildfires are endangering the local area but also a killer is on the loose. I found the chapters from his perspective to be quite chilling as he deliberately targets homes to set alight, having first prevented any means of escape. The tension and dread was built up well (perhaps like a fire spreading?!) through the chapters giving his perspective.
I felt that the setting was authentic and the landscape played an important role in the novel. The writing is engaging and the plot is delivered at a fast pace. However, for me it was the two main characters that made this book so enjoyable. Their vulnerability is eclipsed by an inner strength that keeps them motivated in the face of an oppressive community and an evil killer.
The Safe Place is an entertaining crime thriller that had me hooked.
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Book: The Safe Place
Author: L.A. Larkin
Pub Day: Nov 9th 2021
Buy Links: 
Amazon: https://geni.us/B09GFZV17Psocial
Apple: http://ow.ly/ZFCk50GbdRk
Kobo: http://ow.ly/AaRf50GbdOx
Google: http://ow.ly/izd050GbCj8
About the Book: 
Her heart pounds at the sound of footsteps outside her cabin in the woods. The snap of a twig tells her someone is close by. As she treads lightly towards the back door, she says a silent prayer—don’t let him find me…
Ever since Jessie Lewis reported her boyfriend, fire chief and local hero, for beating her, she’s been an outcast from the small town of Eagle Falls. And when someone sets fire to a house in the woods, killing the entire Troyer family, the locals turn on her again, taking her very public argument with Paul Troyer as proof that she lit the match.
Devastated that anyone could think her capable of murder, Jessie turns to Ruth. New in town, and an ex-FBI agent, Ruth could be the exact person Jessie needs to smoke out the murderer. But can she trust her with her life?
Days later, another house linked to Jessie is set ablaze. Combing the ashes for answers, she catches sight of an inscription she hasn’t seen since her childhood—since she lost someone very close to her. Is the killer is coming for her next?
As local wildfires take hold of the town and everyone is evacuated, Jessie knows she must put herself in unthinkable danger to catch the killer. And when she does, will she have the strength to take them down first?
From USA Today bestselling crime author L.A. Larkin, The Safe Place is a thrilling rollercoaster ride for fans of Rachel Caine, Lisa Regan and Kendra Elliot. You will not be able to put this down!
author L.A. Larkin
Author Bio and Social Media 
L.A. Larkin’s crime-thrillers have won her fans all over the world. Described as a superb ‘chiller thriller’ writer by Marie Claire magazine and praised by Lee Child, Louisa likes to write stories with lots of plot twists and characters that surprise. She feels very privileged to be able to brainstorm her story ideas with friends in the police and the FBI.
Website: https://lalarkin.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LALarkinAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lalarkinauthor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/la_larkin_author/

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