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Wedding Wednesday: make-up and skin care

Brides always look radiant but I have noticed a trend towards the ‘Instaface’ involving contouring, highlighting and, without being mean, looking not much like yourself. I was determined to look like Laura. The person that Chris fell in love with and wakes up next to each day. Since getting back from holiday, I have been […]

Wedding Wednesday: the expectations versus reality

The big day has come and gone. So did it love up to our expectations…? There was a lot of hanging around in the morning. 12 noon was the earliest we could have the ceremony but the morning really dragged, especially as the kids woke me up at around 6am! I felt nervous rather than […]

Wedding Wednesday: the garter

You might have spotted that we got married at the weekend! I haven’t quite got my head around it yet so instead this post is about the tradition of the bride’s garter and a sneak peek of my own! The modern garter tradition actually coincides with that of the throwing of the bouquet but originally […]

Wedding Wednesday: the final countdown, 2 weeks to go

Not long to go now and I bet you are hugely excited. Or maybe you are a bit like me and still can’t quite believe it! This week I have been rushing around trying to sort all the final details out before we go on holiday so that then I can relax whilst we’re away […]

Wedding Wednesday: involving children in a wedding

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about whether children should be invited to a wedding. Well, they are certainly coming to ours! A quarter of our guests are aged under 16 including my own 3 little ones. So how can we keep them interested in the lead up and then entertained on […]