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Bye bye Christmas 2017!

So that was Christmas. And what have we done?

To say Zach was unhappy about the whole thing would be an understatement! Not only did he not want to pose for a family pic (I finally figured out how to use the timer on my camera!) but he resolutely showed NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in his stocking or presents 🙁
Oh well, the other two more than made up for Zach’s missing excitement!

Overall the whole thing was a little bit of an anti climax. There was so much build up for the kids at school plus we had the extra worry of Chris’ mum being in hospital. It was just us for lunch and presents so the shared excitement of last year when we had a very full house was diminished. Last year was extra special because it was Zach’s first Christmas, the one before that was the first one in our new home, the one before that was mine and Chris’s first Christmas together…
Don’t get me wrong, we wanted a quiet day to focus on family and allow the children time to enjoy their presents without the pressure of guests. Matthew and Anya were just as excited as usual but for me it was missing that extra spark of festive fun.

Chris was in charge of the dinner as I have never cooked a roast, being a vegetarian! It was delicious but once again there was enough to feed about 20 people!

I can’t believe that some people are already taking their trees and decorations down! Ours will stay up until the kids go back to school unless Zach demolishes it…

I have also taken a break from my blog for 3 days which has been a bit odd and I have felt a little adrift, especially as I completed Vlogmas as well so December has been mega busy!
Time to get focused on the year ahead and look forward to the next adventures for my family!


  1. looks like you all had a fab christmas, my tree is staying up until Tuesday, when hubby goes back to work, the house will look empty, we only moved 3 weeks before christmas and i out the tree up rather than put it away before i finished unpacking the rest of the household stuff. Thank you for the comment on my blog post about my dad, thankfully 2018 brings us 3 weddings (child 2, best mates and a niece) and child 4’s medal parade after his deployment to Iraq so lots of nice stuff to look forward to

  2. The build-up really can lead to that feeling of anti-climax on the big day. This year I didn’t focus on the presents themselves but more on the day and spending time with my family and enjoying ourselves. We can get so caught up in the commercial side of it and forget about the real meaning of Christmas. Hope you have a great new year

  3. I felt a the same this year, Hubby has moaned at me for not being festive enough. Not the boys really cared. Monkey had a blast. Kipper has learnt how to open presents. Its funny how different the kids tastes are in toys. Look forward to reading all about your plans for 2018. I am sure it will be an amazing one for you x

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