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Farewell to the 2019-2020 school year

How little we could have imagine back in September 2019 how much life would change just 6 months later. Matthew and Anya said goodbye to their teachers and friends on 20th March 2020 and I expected them back after 6 weeks: that was the expectation amongst staff in the schools I work in.
No one could have foreseen 18 weeks of school closures…
Zach returned to preschool at the start of this month to help prepare him for infant school in September. Meanwhile, Matthew and Anya have had a Google Meet and small group get-together to say goodbye to this school year.
I feel desperately sad for the children and staff, especially for Anya as she now leaves infants and will move to the juniors: she has missed out on transition visits, leavers’ assembly. I even feel sad that sports days have been missed! Plus some of her friends will be going to other schools so there are some children she may never see again 🙁

Matthew is due to have his SATs next summer and move onto secondary school. I do worry that he will have extra pressure on him next year as he prepares for the end of his primary school education.
I am incredibly proud of all we have achieved during home learning. Yes, it tailed off towards the end but we kept doing some work until the very last day of term.

Joe Wicks has been an utter inspiration and I hope he gets honoured by the Queen for services to his country and the whole world. There was a tear in my eye when he gave his final live workout on Wednesday 🙁 We are going to re-do all of his workouts, one a day until school starts so the kids earn some screen time!
This has not been an easy school year and I bitterly regret the loss of opportunities for all three of my children. Yet there have been positives and I feel very lucky to have been able to spend this extra time with my kids, learning Spanish with them, going for nature walks, exercising, discovering SpongeBob Squarepants…



  1. It’s been a very hard time – all the year 12’s missing their formals, my primary school Sports Captain missing the athletics carnival, the school play is probably off, as is camp…it’s all so sad, especially for those finishing primary or high school. All those ‘lasts’ don’t happen. #KCACOLS

  2. It’s so sad how things have changed so drastically especially for our children. My daughter was due to start nursery in April but now it’s September but due to COVID19 there will be no transition visits or getting to know her teachers before her starting as they use to do home visits before. I get worried how she’ll take it all but nothing we can do. Can only hope to prepare them as much as we can x

  3. I was really sad that the children missed out on all the lovely year end celebrations. My son’s school usually holds a huge picnic for the children and parents and each class does a couple of pieces of entertainment. Its such a lovely way to end the year. #DreamTeam

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  5. I really feel for the kids and all that they have been missing. Right now we are in the process of deciding how we are going to start the next year. It doesn’t look like its getting any easier. #dreamteam

  6. I’m very impressed you kept up with Joe Wicks all this time – would love to say the same haha! It’s been such a strange year for kids hasn’t it, so sad for those who didn’t get to go in at all before the summer. Hopefully next year will be a bit more settled !! #dreamteam

  7. Aww this felt like quite an emotional post. It’s been such a strange school year hasn’t it. Mine is in the same boat with moving up to juniors. It’s such a shame how things have panned out, but it’s definitely taught us even more not to take anything for granted. #DreamTeamLinky xx

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