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The Big Family Brush Up

One of the fun facts about me was that I used to be a dental nurse. I also have a major phobia of dentists so looking after my teeth to avoid needing treatment is essential!

Having children of my own has made me think a lot about the way I clean my teeth and how to encourage them to brush their teeth effectively. Nothing is more terrifying than being a role model!

The Big Family Brush Up is a campaign by Denplan to encourage parents to get their children brushing their teeth properly twice a day by setting a good example. Their website has a brushing chart and a book to download. There is also a chance to win an electric toothbrush for your child!
I’m lucky that my children have all been fab about brushing their teeth. Matthew still hasn’t lost any of his milk teeth despite being 7! I think Anya may lose a tooth before him! Zach has a tendency to bite his brush, he only has 10 teeth so far.

Actually my mum taught the kids a song to brush their teeth to (the tune is ‘Row, row, row your boat’):
Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them top and bottom, 
Brush them really carefully
So they don’t go rotten.

So some simple rules: brush for two minutes twice a day, change your toothbrush every 3 months. Extra advice: use a tongue scraper, many kids brushes have them on the back. Use floss to remove chunks of food after a meal (Anya has tiny gaps between her teeth that meat in particular gets stuck in). In the early days make it FUN!

*I was sent a gift from Denplan but all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I’m so lucky my eldest has always brushed her teeth with no issues but I do think we could brush hers for longer!! Fab campaign and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  2. I am so stealing that little rhyme! My eldest is good at letting me brush him teeth but has no desire to do it himself yet. My baby just tried to eat the toothbrush but I’m sure he’ll get there zx #bestandworst

  3. It’s fascinating to see a dental nurse who has a phobia for dentist. I really like the song which I will start singing with my little ones. The last verse is very compelling and great for getting them brushing their teeth seriously.

  4. Great post. Im never sure whether my kids are doing their teeth properly or not. Its difficult to strike the right balance between their independence and making sure that their teeth are properly cleaned.

  5. Really good post 🙂 It’s so hard getting children to clean their teeth properly and there’s a fine line between helping them do things independently and making sure they actually get done properly

  6. Tooth brushing time has been a real battle in our house, and sometimes still is! I’m afraid the ‘make it fun’ advice didn’t stand a chance for us, the only way we could get to do Max’s was by force. He’s better about it now though, and I’m thinking an electric toothbrush might make him think it’s a bit more of a fun task! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. Ah getting little ones to brush teeth can be a challenge! Mine are pretty good..most of the time. It is so so important though so I am all for this initiative. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

  8. Much like your’s, my eldest is very good with brushing her teeth – thankfully! Out youngest has just turned 2 but she seems to like getting them done. That said she sucks the toothpaste off the brush is seconds and then bites so I’m not sure how many teeth actually get cleaned but it’s the routine right?!!! #BloggerClubUK

  9. Thank you for the tips. We actually went to the dentist today. My son is 4 and he was so well behaved. The best bit for him is always when she lowers the seat back as he thinks it is a fairground ride! Loves it.

  10. Brushing their teeth is one thing that I never compromise on, it has to be done and properly. Thankfully I’ve never had any battles over it with my girls and I think letting them choose their toothbrush really helps. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  11. Love the fact you mkae it fun. When my Daughter was young I struggled with her dental hygiene. As she hated toothpaste so I bought the strawberry flavour but it was always a struggle. Thankfully those days have changed.

  12. This is a great initiative! Felix just has his bottom two at the moment but loves to brush his teeth however, his big sister is a whole different story. She used to be great and really enjoy it but now she sees it as a chore and I sometimes have to hold her down and brush them by force which is horrible for both of us but it gets the job done. Going to introduce a rewards chart and I’ll try using this rhyme tonight! #RVHT

  13. It’s so hard to get uncooperative toddlers to brush their teeth, this is such a fab campaign! I ended up getting my son a toothbrush that lights up in order to persuade him and we also have a song we listen to on YouTube if he’s particularly dismissive of the idea!


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