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#Project365 week 7

Half term week! I have loved having all 3 kids home together this week and we have made the most of family time with Chris having a day off too!
Day 42: Chris and I went to our first wedding fair to get some ideas and drink champagne!

Day 43: Chris had the day off so we took the kids swimming for the first time. Matthew said it was the best day of the year so far. Zach screamed for about 15 minutes but then realised it was great fun.

Day 44: their first trip to the dentist. I am a former dental nurse so check their teeth every week but I was concerned as Matt is nearly 8 and hasn’t lost any teeth yet! No problems found, phew!

Day 45: a little bit of romance for Valentines Day with jam heart tarts.

Day 46: a trip to the playground was cancelled due to the rain so we headed home and played with these Fuzzikins instead.

Day 47: the opening of the new Jessops store in Didcot and I was really proud of how well the children behaved (bribery with non stop cake…)

Day 48: time to relax with cousins! Pudding was popular 🙂


  1. hehehe! I love that you are visiting wedding fairs.
    I’m glad the dentist trip went well….My eldest was really late in loosing her teeth then she seemed to loose one every week.
    Those Fuzzikins are so cute. I am seeing them everywhere & my youngest has been asking for some. Eek!
    Lovely photos x

  2. I’ve never been to a wedding fair. Were you allowed to sample the fare, or only looked at the cakes? Lovely photo of you all in the swimming pool, glad Zach enjoyed it in the end. Lovely jam tarts for Valentine’s day.

  3. I remember my middle daughter not losing any teeth until she was about 8, then lost a mass of them in one go, and we changed the song to “all I want for Christmas is my 8 front teeth” and then when she did get teeth she fell and smashed her two top front ones within 2 months of having them through.
    chuckled at the bottom picture, looks like somebody is having a lick at the bowl.
    Ooohhhh at the wedding fair viewing, sounds like to plans to be a biggie.

  4. wow I’m impressed at 8 with no tooth loss, you’ll have the best toddler pics. I still go to wedding fairs I think they’re a lot of fun to mooch around and I love some of the new trends and ideas. My eldest son is getting married in June and we have 2 further weddings this year #365

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