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Ooh we had a fun half term!

The kids are back at school already, I can’t believe it!
We had one of the busiest school holidays we’ve ever had and the kids (and me) have absolutely loved it 🙂 There were some big milestones for them as well…
Chris had Monday off work and we took the children swimming for the first time. I can’t swim so have never taken the children swimming before. In fact I haven’t been in a pool for about 25 years so I was a little nervous. Luckily the children were brilliant and loved it (well, Zach screamed for 15 minutes but then figured out it was huge fun too!). Matthew said it was the best day fot he year so far, Anya was fearless and Zach wanted to get on and swim by himself. I am now in the process of booking an intensive course for Matt and Annie in the Easter holidays and preparing to take Zach every week to grow in confidence and have fun together.

Next big thing was the first trip to the dentist. I was a dental nurse in a former life so have been checking their teeth every week. Matthew hasn’t lost any teeth yet and as he is almost 8 I was starting to get a little concerned. I thought he was just genetically a late developer but when Anya came home proudly wobbling a tooth I got worried that maybe something needed to be investigated. I took the children along to the Centre for Dentistry in our local Sainsbury’s where Chris is already a patient. The staff could not have been more welcoming and reassuring, even providing a balloon and stickers!

The next couple of days were spent with playdates (yay bucket list for the year!), films, shopping and relaxing. Thursday we also attempted to visit the playground but it rained and hailed just as we arrived so there was a LOT of sadness! Instead, we headed home and we completed the Fuzzikins craft sets which I must admit was huge fun. I am always surprised at how much I love crafts when I actually do them! (Check out my review and your own chance to win!)

Friday was a very exciting day as I took the children along to the opening of the new Jessops store in the Didcot Sainsburys. We have close friends in Didcot so have been here before. The children were well behaved due to an abundance of cake. I got to try out the photo printing service which was so much easier than I imagined as I could just plug my camera in using a USB connection.
We were given a canvas which was stunning and the kids adored it. Zach was fascinated: he has never seen a printed photo of himself before! I also got the chance to try out the Instax camera and the children were fascinated to get instant photos, another first for them!

To reward them for their good behaviour we had fun at the playground. No rain this time, yay!

The weekend was a mix of relaxing and chaos. My sister and family came over on Saturday and we were able to ask my niece and nephew to be bridesmaid and page boy at our wedding as well as get them to try on their outfits! Sunday was a more chilled out day of watching the Lego Ninjago Movie which I really enjoyed and so did the kids!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend and now you gave me the idea of going to the pool, it’s been a long time since we last visited.
    Thanks for sharing on #GlobalBlogging

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