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The English Channel from The Conqueror Virtual Challenges

For my birthday Chris bought me entry into a virtual challenge: running the width of the English Channel. This is 21 miles or 33km.
You can use any type of exercise to complete a challenge and the app has a conversion chart so you can convert a work out or steps into a distance.
I followed my progress on the app. I loved how it updates and has a range of ways to motivate and encourage completion. There are virtual postcards with fun facts and pictures. The map allows you to see how far you have achieved.
Some challenges have street view but obviously this isn’t possible at sea! It is also possible to sync the app with your fitness device so the exercise will automatically update once a day (I intend to use this on my next challenge which I will use walking and running as well as daily steps: it’s a looooong challenge!)

Another thing I love about The Conqueror Virtual Challenges is their commitment to the environment. At every 20% of the distance completed, they will plant a tree or remove 10 plastic bottles from the ocean. By the end of each challenge there will be either 5 new trees or 50 bottles removed, yay!
You can set the time frame for completion. I originally planned to complete the challenge over 6 weeks but got a little obsessed and kept running! In 8 runs I had completed the distance and eagerly awaited my medal…

I was thrilled with my medal which arrived within a week. The design on both sides is wonderful and the ribbon is really great too.
I can’t wait to start my next challenge and earn more medals! Take a look at The Conqueror Virtual Challenges and let me know which one you would choose 🙂

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