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#Project365 week 19: time has raced by this week!

Erm, where did this week go?
Yesterday I didn’t even realise it was Friday until I said ‘see you tomorrow’ to a mum on the school run and she said ‘no it’s the weekend’!
Day 126: Blog On X was amazing (not just because of the prosecco!)

Day 127: the kids loved having complete freedom to build at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

Day 128: completing jobs I’ve been putting off for ages, starting with sending out our wedding invites, yay!

Day 129: more Lego but this time more structured! Anya likes to mix and match toys so Playmobil was included 🙂

Day 130: Matthew has a Cubs cycle ride coming up so we took him out to practise but Zach was quite unhelpful charging at the bike!

Day 131: I spent the afternoon at Anya’s school at a pirate ship building workshop and here is  our finished boat (note the red crow’s nest complete with rigging, green anchor and a purple figure with scruffy hair because you don’t get hairbrushes at sea apparently)

Day 132: special pants. A link to Blog On X again! In the keynote speech we were told to make everyday a special pants day, don’t wait for happiness to fall into your lap, go out and make the difference by making others happy.


  1. not long now till the wedding, we had a save the date card from child 4 this week, so exciting and other sons wedding in June, but outfits are stressful. How’s your plans going for your big day. Glad to see you got out to BlogOn, hope you enjoyed the day

  2. Glad you enjoyed BlogOn. The pirate ship looks great, and lol @ the absence of hairbrushes. I think she has a point.
    My guys also loved mixing Lego sets with the other brands and sets.

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