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#Project365 2019 week 40

Day 272: oh, the endless rain! Not even the clouds can chase these two indoors!

Day 273: mega excitement to start the new month! Matthew and Anya have electric toothbrushes! I was so worried about their teeth after reading about the recent dental research that I wanted to improve their cleaning habits.

Day 274: a fun night out at the circus! Zippos Circus was a briliant show for all of us to enjoy together as a family

Day 275: Anya has a fringe! She has been nagging me for ages and we finally managed to find time to get her hair cut. Her hair looks really ginger in this pic and I’m not sure why!

Day 276: the tree in our front garden is starting to show autumnal colours

Day 277: yep, I caved in and hit the socks drawer! Brrrrr it’s been so cold and miserable! We’ve had the heating on and I’m still cold!

Day 278: terrible photo as it was taken from a distance. However, Anya has had a tough time and almost developed a phobia of food due to overindulging on her own birthday and then at a friend’s party. This Saturday, she managed to cope with a party and food and I am so relieved she is ok again!

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  1. The weather has been rotten! I’m really thinking about buying a set of waterproofs for myself.
    It looks like a fantastic trip to the circus.
    Aww! Anya looks very pretty with her new fringe.
    I’ve been finding the thickest and fluffiest socks the past week. As long as my feet are warm the rest of me seems to be. x

  2. The weather has been pretty miserable. I had to put the heating on every morning to keep the house warm and dry.
    Anya’s fringe is very cute. Glad she got over her fears and did well at the party.

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