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#Project365 2021 week 2

Day 10: a cosy Sunday afternoon with a warm fire and watching The Mandalorian again

Day 11:  first day of our new lockdown routine. I have halved my hours at the infants so that I can complete the home learning with my older two very morning. Anya’s first task this week was to make her own tape measure.

Day 12: apparently Zach wanted to sleep by the fire

Day 13: brotherly love reading Granny Franny’s Big Zoo Rescue

Day 14: Matthew’s poem The Fox

Day 15: that Friday feeling for Zach and Ollie was one of disappoiintment as one didn’t want to go to school but the other did!

Day 16: the weather forecast was snow but it was distinctly underwhelming!  Anya spent about 20 minutes outside and managed to gather enough for a single snowball!


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  1. I think I am going to give The Mandalorian a try. I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars related things but have heard good things about this and who doesn’t love Baby Yoda.
    Ohh! I think I would want to sleep by your fire too. It looks so cosy.
    Aww! Zach has such a sad face. Bless him.
    Eesh! We were forecast snow and didn’t have a single flake. I was very disappointed. x

  2. No snow here at all, just a lot of rain overnight and first thing. Glad you’ve been able to make work and remote learning work. It must be so hard for those working in schools and other key workers who can’t work at home.

  3. Ive lost track of the number of times we are meant to get snow and it doesn’t come! The boys are desperate especially when they see the pics from everywhere else. Love a real fire it is one of the things that has been getting me through lockdown! Great that you can half your hours from a stress perspective x

  4. Zach had the right idea to sleep by the fire, that’s probably a very warm place, though he might want a bigger blanket. 🙂
    My guys loved The Mandalorian, but I haven’t watched a single episode, not being a big fan of Star Wars (give me Marvel any time!).
    Good effort with the snowball, hope you got more snow yesterday. We had our first proper snow.

  5. Lovely spot to sleep by the fire, its got so cold lately, I think you would find me there too! Awww love the picture of the brothers reading together! Sterling effort managing to make a snowball anyway bless her! It didn’t last long here either. I am a bit envious of all the snowmen pictures on social media.

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