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#Project365 2021 week 35

Day 241: chilling out in the garden after a busy few days


Day 242: sometimes all you need is a little sun and some water to splash in!

Day 243: heron watching

Day 244: Matthew headed in to junior school for the last time following the abrupt end to term due to covid cases in his year. He was able to say goodbye to his teachers and any children not going to the same secondary school

Day 245: first INSET day so I was back to work in the drizzle and decided to pose in front of the sunflowers I included in last week’s post

Day 246: while I was at work, Chris took the kids out to a new playground and they had their first KFC

Day 247: final run of the summer, over 47 miles completed across 18 runs. Of course, now I’m annoyed I didn’t push myself more and get to 50…


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  1. It looks like the kids have been having fun, especially in the water. My two would have ended up soaked in that much water. lol
    How lovely Matthew got ot say goodbye to everyone from junior school.
    Well done with the running. x

  2. How lovely it was of school to organise one ifnal day for children to meet up and say their Good byes. Hope the secondary school is a friendly place for Matthew.
    Those sunflowers are so tall! Well done to you for being such an active runner.

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