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#Project365 2022 week 46

Day 318: early morning entertainment for the pups, not sure they are actually interested in Youtube…

Day 319: Zach’s first Beavers parade

Day 320: random drawing challenge I set for Anya and Zach, to draw a chicken riding a reindeer. Not bad, eh?!

Day 321: fingers crossed that me and Chris never say this to each other!

Day 322: absolutely awful rain and then the sun came out and was blinding


Day 323: Matthew’s school report, pretty fab!

Day 324: chocolate and cherry brownies, just need to get around to publishing the recipe in here!

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  1. Well done Matthew on his report. We don’t get N’s until just before Christmas. The Y7 ones come really late compared with the other year groups. I did laugh at the pictures of chickens on reindeer.

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