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#Project365 2022 week 9

Day 57: my work colleagues are always a little disbelieving when I say I’ve had biscuits or pudding for breakfast but when you are gluten free and vegan you should treat yourself whenever you can! Love this new brand I’ve found in the shops.

Day 58: so happy to get a mention in the acknowledgements in a book (read my review of The Baby Shower here!)
Day 59: new challenge for myself, learning to crochet. A two minute heart took me the best part of half an hour but getting better!


Day 60: urgghh it has been so dull and dreary this week. Spring is trying to break through though!


Day 61: Zach had a glowing parents evening report and I loved his latest piece of writing. Five years old and fabulous!

Day 62: the dreaded World Book Day. My first and last time ever in a onesie!


Day 63: this is my sixth attempt at a flower. It has not been easy and still isn’t perfect 🙁

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  1. Ohh! That mousse really does look tasty. I actually prefer some of the gluten free or vegan food to other types.
    Good luck with the crocheting. The little heart is very cute.
    I love the World Book Day outfits. x

  2. I always think I’m fast at crochet, but big pieces always take me so long to do. I’ve not crocheted in a while though. Our daffodils are taking so long to come out compared to everyone else’s I’m seeing. Love to see them blooming

  3. That Belgian chocolate vegan mousse looks delicious. How lovely to get a mention in the acknowledgments in a book. Love the crochet heart. I’d quite like to learn to crochet at some point. Good luck with getting to grips with it. Well done to Zach on his parents’ evening report. #project365

  4. The heart is very sweet, good luck with the crocheting. I love my puddings but even I can’t manage them for breakfast unless they are a pancake stack or a danish pastry then I am all in! Well done Zach your doing an amazing job! Keep up the hard work at school.

  5. I just can’t get the hang of crochet, well done with the heart, looks good. I’ve noticed that gluten free food has quite a high sugar content and can taste too sweet for my liking

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