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#Project365 2023 week 20

Day 134: testing out and laying stepping stones down our garden

Day 135: stones in place, guinea pigs and dogs out enjoying the sun.

Day 136: apologies for another selfie! Exam season is here!

Day 137: love these tulips on the school run, such gorgeous purples

Day 138: it was the other way around this week as Chris has been looking after the kids while I work and run errands (including the shopping)

Day 139: not sure what I despair of most. Upgrading to t shirt as the weather is finally warmer, leading Zach to wobble my bingo wings singing ‘chubby chubby chubby’. Or when Zach uses me as a mattress but wriggles constantly

Day 140: going to bed when it is still light outside, no not the kids…me!


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  1. Those stepping stones look great in your garden and the tulips are so pretty.
    hehehe! It’s like Duolingo knows what you are doing in your life.
    My fella said last week that he feels like such a child going to bed while it’s still light out. lol

  2. The stepping stones look great. Hopefully the exams weren’t too awful for them. The lighter evenings are great aren’t they. I can’t say I’m going to bed while it’s light though!

  3. The paving stones look fab, we’re laying some this week. Are you invigilating? I had to do 4 lots of 4 hour exams over the past 2 weeks, it’s hard work staying awake.

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