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#Project365 2023 week 21

Day 141: love these flowers in my parents’ front garden

Day 142: fun day with the Scout group and we started off with a competitive game of draughts (followed by mini golf and toasted marshmallows)

Day 143: back to school and our caterpillars had become butterflies!

Day 144: can you spot the squares where the guinea girls have been recently?

Day 145: oh dear, a terrible night’s sleep due to excruciating tummy pain

Day 146: still very tired and grumpy…

Day 147:… and it’s Friday and half term, hurrah!


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  1. Hopefully you get some better sleep soon. I’m so glad it’s half term, as I really need to catch up on sleep too. Ooh you had quite a few butterflies.

  2. Those flowers are so pretty, the colours go so well together.
    Eek! The guinea girls really have had a good go at the grass in your garden.
    Hooray for half term. I hope you have a good one. x

  3. Those flowers are beautiful. I remember having chickens and the damage to the grass, hopefully it will recover. Hope your tummy ache has eased and you get some proper sleep soon

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