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#Project365 2023 week 36

Day 246: finally the tooth has gone!

Day 247: hurrah, next race completed and medal due to arrive soon!

Day 248: first day of school for Matt while the others has an inset day. I quickly wrote a letter complaining about the enforcement of wearing blazers in 30 degree heat so the school swiftly backtracked…

Day 249: Zach’s first day of juniors but he had PE so only Anya was in her uniform

Day 250: Zach’s first day in a tie but Anya had PE. Will I ever get a pic of the three kids together looking smart?

Day 251: finishing off my book club book over tea and watched by the guinea pigs

Day 252: Friday at last. Good news: Zach went back to Beavers and had great fun. Bad news: he was badly hurt at school (can you believe that gash on his neck?! There were further grazes to his leg which I found at bath time… 🙁 )

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  1. Hooray for the lost tooth. What a cheeky smile. hehehe
    Oh gosh! That is rotten that the school were going to make the kids wear their blazers.
    The kids do look very smart, Zach is just adorable in his uniform and Matt looks so grown up. x

  2. Ouch that looked painful. How on earth do you get a gash on your neck?

    I’m glad the school reversed the blazer wearing. So many schools seemed to forget common sense in the heat. Thankfully ours was 2 days no blazer, thena a day of PE kit. Anya has the whole posing thing going on!

  3. Well done on your race! Looking very smart in the blazer, but your right not fair in the heat! Am glad the school came to their senses. Awww bless him, he must have had quite a tumble at school. What a great spot to finish your book in the sunshine.

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