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#Project366 2020 week 33

Day 222: creating Junk Bots with light up eyes! I loved the detail on the ‘trash’ and the kids enjoyed being able to create their own characters

Day 223: exploring the abbey gardens in Bury St Edmunds. You can read more about our staycation here.

Day 224: getting up close to danger at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure park. Not sure the dinosaurs have ever been so scared!

Day 225: potato picking in our garden. Another scorching hot day and we missed the air conditioning from the hotel and car!

Day 226: Catherine Howard has a top half now

Day 227: grey skies but still no rain although finally the temperature has dropped!

Day 228: new shoes! Getting ready for school…

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  1. Catherine Howard is coming along well I just read a book (fiction) about her and I’m keen to read a more historical book about her soon. The new shoes are a job we will have to do very soon.

  2. Aww the shoes are so cute, definitely a sign of going back to school. It’s lovely to see all your days out. The dinosaur park looks fab ! Your cross stitch is amazing too. How many have you done now?

  3. Aww, the shoes are so cute. We are a casual uniform for little kids for now. It’s lovely to see all your days out. The dinosaur park looks fab. I am loving your cross stitch x

  4. the cross stitching is looking great, nice to be watching it progress.
    Dinky has t bar shoes, imo not sturdy shoes designed to keep their feet dry and stand up to rough and tumble of school but that is what they all seem to wear as that is mainly what they sell and kids dont like to look different than their pals.

  5. I love the look of the junk bots. Very inventive. Fab dino photo too, really like that one. Well done getting shoes sorted for school, need to get my youngest his and not long now! I will have to get organised. I did get the school bag ticked off the list this week.

  6. Catherine Howard looks splendid! love your Tudor cross stitch project, are you going to frame the work when it’s all finished?
    I confess we haven’t bought school shoes yet, I’m not very organised.
    The Junk bots look fab!

  7. Lots of days out, they look fab. We have just had to buy a new pair of shoes after trying them on before we went away and then being fine. Now they are too small. The cross stitch is coming on nicely.

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