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#Project366 2020 week 38

Day 257: rather a disappointing run as my phone wouldn’t connect to the internet so I had no music. Plus I was wearing my long sleeved running top for the first time and felt too hot!

Day 258: Zach started school this week, afternoons only so here they all are on the school run home

Day 259: Vet Squad to the rescue!

Day 260: my packed lunch today was a homemade pizza pasty

Day 261: Catherine Parr is making verrrry slow progress due to work, early nights and lots of reading insteading of stitching!


Day 262: Anya’s 8th birthday!

Day 263: a much better run as the music played!


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  1. Oh no, that doesn’t sound like a good run. I think without music I would lose motivation for running.
    They all look very happy on the school run and that pizza pasy looks so good.
    Happy birthday to Anya, I hope she had a great day. x

  2. A homemade pizza pasty?! That looks and sounds amazing! I do miss pies and pasties! 🙁
    I hope Anya had a lovely birthday! 🙂 Great to see them back at school too, hope they are all having fun! Nicely done on having the music on your run, I loved listening to tunes when I ran, so feel your pain when it wouldn’t work! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  3. Happy birthday to Anya, hope she had a great day. The weather is really odd at the moment – chilly in the mornings and then baking in the afternoons, so I can imagine why you were hot

  4. Glad to see Catherine Parr is coming along. I’m reading a book that she features in at the moment and I’ve always felt she was an interesting character from history. Happy birthday to Anya.

  5. Oooh I love your new running top. It may be a bit too hot now but will be perfect to see you through the colder months. The pizza pasty looks delicious and the kids look very smart on their way home from school. Happy belated birthday Anya!

  6. That’s a shame you missed out on music on your run! Love your homemade pizza pizza pasty it looks good! I wish I was better at making things. Hope Anya enjoyed her birthday, she looks very happy with her presents! x

  7. Happy Birthday Anya, hope she had a lovely day. I am struggling with motivation in the evenings I think it is because of the weather being all over the place at the moment and it starting to get dark. Yay for music while running

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