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#Project366 2020 week 40

Day 271: I am now obsessing over my Fitbit. Never had one before but the stats are compulsive viweing!

Day 272: no one has told Zach that the weather has turned. He insists on just wearing pants when he gets home from school!

Day 273: I admitted defeat and socks are back, brrrrr!

Day 274: wet weather means finding indoor activities and Anya loves hair and make up

Day 275: the rain seems relentless!

Day 276: thrilled to review a book by a local author. Check out my review of The Spider Next Door and the giveaway!



Day 277:  a run in the rain and I had to abandon my glasses as they fogged up and were covered in raindrops. Probably the first time I’ve been outside with no specs in over 20 years!

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  1. I’ve always fancied getting a Fitbit but I think I’d become a bit obsessed with the stats.
    Ahh! Cosy socks are a must now. I’ve realised that I need to buy more.
    The rain has been terrible hasn’t it. I am glad we’ve had a couple of dry days. x

  2. I don’t have a Fitbit, but my younger one keeps telling me I should get it. I feel cold, just looking at Zach without a top. It’s been such a chilly and wet week. You’re brave to run in the rain. That’s a commitment!

  3. I love my Fitbit – it’s made me much more aware of my activity levels. Looks like Anya had fun doing hair and make-up. Fogged up glasses are annoying – I’m not sure I’d cope well without mine though! Hope you managed okay without yours for your run. #project366

  4. I’ve a watch that counts my steps etc, but not a Fitbit or apple. The rain has been relentless here also, the dog really doesn’t like it. I’ve taken to wearing socks indoors now and at bedtime also

  5. Zach is quite brave, I am ALL about the layers right now. Then I throw on my dressing gown over everything for good measure. Saying that my eldest tries to wear shorts all year round. I really want to get a fitbit, but not sure I can justify the outlay, as I am not sure whether I would do more steps anyway haha! I know we don’t use our rowing machine as much as we should, so I might be the same with my fitbit, not putting in on everyday! x

  6. Awww seriously cute socks! I am a huge fan of thick, comfy socks! If I could wear them everywhere, then I totally would! 🙂
    I used to love my FitBit, but I would forever be checking it! Now, I don’t even wear a watch to know the time, let alone how many steps I’ve done… such a rebel! 😉
    Corrrrr I’m hankering after a corn on the cob now, not had one in ages! Such a boy thing to do, just chilling in pants, however I’m quite happy chilling in my fluffy onesie right now, I’m all about the warmth! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  7. Ahhh I miss my fitbit. I didn’t bother replacing it when it went wrong. It was fun though. I used to love it when it buzzed and told me I’d hit 10,000 steps when I was dashing around at work ! Love the make-up session ! I’ve very impressed at you going out running in the rain 🙂 xxx

  8. Cool Fitbit watch. Cute Zach, just wanting to cool off. I wear socks occasionally as well when I sleep cuz cold feet tend to make me uncomfortable and wake me up. Good job, Anya! That’s a lot of rain. Cons of wearing glasses, unfortunately

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