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Diary of a vegan: day 1-5


Let’s start off with my video diary of January 1st:

Things got a LOT better as the days continued. Brands started replying to my messages so I was able to make informed consumer choices. Some companies were less helpful (Dolmio told me to check the ingredients myself! Errr… thanks I already did).
The labelling system is truly irritating and needs to be made clearer. Why are so many brands reluctant to label their products as vegan? Do they fear a backlash (note the current furore over vegan sausage rolls…) or is there something unsavoury going on in their factories?
So what else did I eat? Wednesday, I had sausage pasta bake at lunchtime and Thai red curry for tea.
Thursday lunch was leftover curry, and tea was chilli served with tortilla chips and rice, which the children ate as well!
Friday lunch was oat cakes with jalopeno cheese and we has the leftover chilli in a cottage pie.

Saturday was a mega day as I cooked 5 different lunches! Chris and I ate Heck Bollywood Bangers with stuffed peppers (mine had a rice mix but Chris had couscous). Tea was oatcakes and different cheeses, a leftover sausage and a corn cake (which I had previously rejected without trying but was actually really yummy)

I also bought some new skincare and cosmetic products. The dental floss is biodegradable which is fantastic as I want to reduce our waste this year as well. Once again the labelling was problematic: some Revolution products were described as vegan on the website, others were included in the vegan filter but not specified in the description, and others were called vegan on the packaging but not on the website: slightly frustrating!

Have you got any hints or tips to share with me? Have you ever been vegan?


  1. Thanks for sharing your vegan journey! I am curious about what it entails but I am not yet ready to take that step. I need more courage and motivation! Maybe I need to follow your journey. Ooh… Revolution cosmetics is vegan? I need to it out!

  2. I have never been a vegan, but I have been a vegetarian. Thank you for sharing your vegan meals with us. They look very yummy! I will read with interest this year.

  3. Hi Laura, curious to hear how you are getting on, I’ve opted for the #plasticdetox this year, being Vegetarian anyway I do find vegan very hard – I love my cheese and chocolates… 😀 #globalblogging

  4. You are one of the trailblazers who is going to make such a difference. Pioneers always do. Still not sure this path is right for us as a family but you can bet I will be watching your journey with keen interest as not ruling it out either. #Globalblogging

  5. I’m not a vegan so I can’t help with any suggestions on that front but I do understand how frustrating it can be to try to figure out which products are vegan and which ones aren’t. I would question companies who don’t be clearer to their consumers about their products. I hope you are able to find a solution to that but I think a lot of companies do that and it’s very irritating. I don’t understand the idea behind that. #GlobalBlogging

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  7. Glad its getting easier! I think companies are reluctant to mark their foods as vegan because they may produce other food on their machinery that isn’t. The worst thing that could happen is them telling the public something is vegan and then a scandal erupts because a machine wasn’t cleaned as well. I see this with peanut allergens. My friend’s child is allergic and almost everything now says it MAY contain peanut contamination. The company worries they’ll be sued if something happens. #GlobalBlogging

  8. It must be so frustrating to try and go vegan then struggling with labelling. Though not vegan I really want to cut back on the amount of meat we eat in our house and some of these recipes look delicious #globalblogging

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