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#Blogmas18 day 3: favourite Christmas recipes

I have been looking back over some of the recipes I have put on my blog this year and noticed that some that I used for picnics are actually perfect for Christmas party finger food as well.

This Christmas I intend to make my mocha tarts, cheese frittata bites and pizza tartlets so that I have plenty of sweet and savoury snacks available (all gluten free while the others chow down on shopbought!)
I don’t actually have any favourite Christmas recipes. Chris is in charge of Christmas dinner due to his competence at roasts (I only did my first one in September!)

I usually have cauliflower cheese as a main course as this is what my parents always did but Chris and his family serve it as a side dish!
I do make my own mince pies every year as the whole family love them and also some Christmas biscuits.
What are your favourite recipes that you make every year or do you like experimenting at Christmas?


  1. I adore mince pies so always have to make them, however I’m the only one who eats them! I’m feeling very proud to have made my Christmas cake too, usually it is at least another week before I start. My brandy bottle has suffered though!

  2. It’s interesting how everyone has their own family meal traditions isn’t it? Personally, I could live on cheese based meals over Christmas, I love cauliflower cheese (as a side, but as there’s only me who likes it I end up eating far too much) and blue cheeses with crackers, and add in a baked camembert with cranberries for festive cheer! #globalblogging

  3. Mocha tarts sound delicious! I would definitely love to give them a go. My girls are small so they love making queen cakes and then we decorate them with green icing and put snowflakes on them or little santa decorations and that keeps them happy! #globalblogging

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  5. Those Moccha Tartes look yummy! I don’t like to make too many different things, as I don’t want to end up spending hours upon hours in the kitchen over Christmas. We don’t eat meat, and for quite a few years I’ve been making a kind of mustard coated swede dish which imitates the flavours used for the Christmas ham which is traditional in Sweden (the Swedish equivalent of the Christmas turkey). Last year however, we discovered the Quorn roast, and both me and hubby really like it and it’s easy peasy to prepare, so that’s what we’ll be having (along with roast spuds, parsnips, sprouts, gravy etc.) x #GlobalBlogging

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