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Her Fight, by Emma Tallon

Her Fight book cover
Scarlet’s love affair with a cop is over and he has been secretly moved abroad for his own safety. She is intent on revenge on the woman who betrayed them: her own cousin Ruby…
Her Fight is the 5th book in the Drew gangland crime series. The personal relationships have developed over the course of the previous books and play a key role in this plot, however I think it would be easy to catch up.
We are thrown straight into the action as Scarlet is questioned by police about the murder that her lover covered up. The police officers involved have a vendetta against her for both personal and professional reasons. However, my sympathy was automatically with her due to the justification of the murder. They live by a different code to others but have strict rules so her involvement in the murder is acceptable.
The writing is very engaging and the characters are well written. I felt that the animosity betwen the characters has been building over the prevous books but now the family relationships are crucial to the survival of certain characters. There is violence as you would expect from the genre but it fits with the plot and characters.
The wonderful Lily Drew (who I feel is the real star of the books) has trouble with all of her children but wants to keep the family bonds sacred. Her mixed emotions about the Scarlet and Ruby situation alongside the truth about her children’s father threaten the security and respect she has previously enjoyed.
Her Fight is a great addition to the series and I love the emotional side to the dark characters.
I have previously reviewed books 1-3 in the series: Her Revenge, Her Rival, Her Betrayal.
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Title:  Her Fight
Author:     Emma Tallon 
Publication day: December 13th 2022   
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If you love reading Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers, you won’t be able to put down this absolutely gripping gangland crime thriller from bestselling author Emma Tallon.
Scarlet Drew is hellbent on getting revenge on her cousin Ruby after she exposed Scarlet’s illicit affair with a Met detective. Scarlet fears she’ll never see her boyfriend again now he’s in hiding, and she wants to make Ruby pay.
With all her focus on Ruby, Scarlet fails to notice an old enemy rearing its ugly head. Trapped in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of London with her aunt Lily, she realises too late the danger they’re in, and that someone has been feeding their most dangerous rival information – someone from inside the family firm…
As the Drews face their most deadly fight yet, they know that with just one wrong move, their entire world could come crashing down. Can they catch the mole working alongside them? And when Scarlet finally gets her hands on Ruby, will she get the revenge she’s been waiting for?
Author Bio:
Emma Tallon is a British author of gripping, gritty, organised crime thrillers. With a number of bestsellers published by Bookouture since early 2017, Emma continues to write full time and has many ideas in the pipeline for future novels.
For more information on Emma or to join her mailing list, please go to: www.emmatallon.com
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