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The Sequinned Cape Murders, by Millie Ravensworth

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Penny returns to her shop to find a dead body on the toilet and a bizarre message from her cousin Izzy telling her not to inform the authorities. Who is the dead woman and why was she is in the shop?
The Sequinned Cape Murders is the third book in the Cosy Craft series of cosy murder mysteries. I have recently reviewed the first two books in the series: The Wonderland Murders and The Painted Lobster Murders.
Penny and Izzy have an unknown dead woman in their toilet. We are straight into the murder mystery compared to the previous books but we know nothing of the victim. There are no indications of her identity, how she got in their shop or how she died. The pair undertake an investigation whilst trying to sort out the costumes for a fancy dress party. I felt proud of myself as I guessed the culprit this time! This didn’t spoil my enjoyment at all.
The murder has slightly more prominence in this book compared to the earlier books in my opinion. However there is still a hefty proportion of the plot dedicated to the sewing escapades of the main duo. There is also a romantic angle for both Penny and Izzy which was an enjoyable addition to the plot and series. The tone of the writing is light hearted and there is a gentle and warm humour layered throughout the plot and characters. I loved the home episodes showing us Izzy’s family life and their quirky behaviour.
The Sequinned Cape Murders is a fun and enjoyable cosy murder mystery.
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The Sequinned Cape Murders
Cozy Craft Mysteries can be read in any order. A funny whodunnit series, full of charming characters and mysteries that will keep you guessing to the very end.
Things are going great for Penny Slipper. Running a sewing shop in the middle of the English countryside is like a dream come true and she’s got her colourful cousin Izzy and her corgi, Monty, to keep her entertained.
Her grandma’s eightieth birthday is coming up soon and Penny and Izzy are busier than ever, making fancy dress costumes for the party guests.
However, Penny’s dream life is thrown into chaos when a murdered woman is found in the bathroom of her cosy flat above the shop. With the doors and the windows all locked, no one can understand how this mystery corpse got there.
But things take a further sinister turn when a local shopkeeper is also killed. There’s a murderer on the loose and no one is safe!
Can Penny and Izzy uncover the answers and unmask the criminal in their midst?
If your ideal book features mystery, friendship, cute romance, even cuter animals, crafting and a big slice of birthday cake then this is the book for you.
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Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BH16G6V8

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Author Bio – Millie Ravensworth writes the Cozy Craft Mystery series of books. Her love of murder mysteries and passion for dressmaking made her want to write books full of quirky characters and unbelievable murders. Millie lives in central England where children and pets are something of a distraction from the serious business of writing, although dog walking is always a good time to plot the next book.
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