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#Project365 week 14

Easter holidays!
Day 91: we got home from Dymchurch and I was trying to catch up on things. Zach was happily colouring in, a few minutes later I turned around and found him colouring his hand. He then moved on to colour his face and scalp: he still has a pink tinge in his hair almost a week later!

Day 92: decorating eggs is an Easter tradition that Chris introduced to our family. Matthew surprised me by drawing Minecraft rather than a dinosaur.

Day 93: my first ever attempt at baking brownies! Check out my recipe!

Day 94: Anya loves doing my make up and this time Zach got involved too!

Day 95: the sun is finally shining and we got outside. Ollie was a bit worried about his stick being taken away…

Day 96: Matthew and Anya have had a daily intensive swimming lesson this week (bucket list success!)

Day 97: a third dry day! Chris made the most of his weekend by working on the guitar that he is building all by himself!


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  2. hehehe! Zach sounds such a character….My girls used to love drawing or painting on themselves.
    That Minecraft egg is fab and the brownies are too.
    Ohh! Good luck with making the guitar. What a great challenge. x

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  4. What a lovely tradition for the whole family to decorate the eggs, love the Minecraft egg, very arty. And so is Zach, such a creative person. 🙂 Brownies look lovely, I’d love a big slice right now, with my coffee. And how amazing is that Chris is building his own guitar! That’s just wow!

  5. my husband wants to build his own guitar, a double neck, but it’s all talk at the moment…..lol. Oh dear to the make up, maybe a bit more practise is needed. Where are you that the kids can swim outdoors?

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