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#Project365 week 23 back to school, food and Harry Potter!

Half term seems like so long ago already!
Day 154: our one and only rose in the back garden!

Day 155: Matthew and Anya are back to school so Zach has returned to his bossy persona or being the centre of attention OR ELSE…!

Day 156: we have discovered Top Trumps and things are getting pretty competitive…

Day 157: another chance to wear this beautiful wedding dress from JJ’s House, this time with the addition of Wingz

Day 158: my dad’s bolognese is brilliant and mine are never quite as good but this was very tasty.

Day 159: used some of the bolognese to make myself a lasagne and it was seriously the best thing I have eaten this year! I haven’t made my own since school (apart from the beef one I made for the kids that they hated) and was so impressed with this quorn veggie wheat free version.

Day 160: Harry Potter Studio Tour…what can I say except it was magical!


  1. Ooh exciting doing the harry potter tour. I was waiting until N was old enough to read the books, but I reckon he might quite like the tour without knowing the story.

    We make lasagne lots. I always make too much bolognaise so we can do lasagne the next day.

  2. Zach makes a great Boss Baby! My younger one loves Top Trumps too, he’s got two different versions.
    The wedding dress is beautiful. I love Ragu Bolognese, but haven’t tried the vegetarian one.

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