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#Project365 week 25

The emphasis has been on family this week as we started the week celebrating Father’s Day and ended it visiting Chris’ mum.
Day 168: date time! Chris and I have been to the cinema more in the last 6 months than we have in the previous couple of years!

Day 169: a family day out for Father’s Day to the Royal Military Academy’s Heritage Day

Day 170: so proud of this little guy who is getting more grown up by the day!

Day 171: Zach is becoming more boisterous and playful by the day! He adores his older brother and sister and the feeling is mutual!

Day 172: I was lucky enough to be invited to join in with a Twitter party and Anya loves the Twisty Petz

Day 173: Friday night traffic was awful and the journey to Chris’ mum took twice as long as usual 🙁 Time to stretch our legs in the crop fields!

Day 174: I can see the sea! My first time in a bikini since having the children so I was a little self conscious…


  1. you have nothing to be self conscious of in the bikini, I’ve never worn one, just don’t feel safe or secure in so little material lol. i’d be too frightened to move for fear of boobs falling out. looks like you’ve had some great family fun this week

  2. You look great in your bikini! I never wear them. To be honest, I don’t even put a swimming costume on when I’m on the beach as it’s always too chilly!
    Love the picture of the three of them in a crop field. Friday traffic is always the worst.

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  4. a lot of fun this week, it is nice to see siblings getting on well together, though I am sure they have their fair share of accidents
    The twisty pets look great, seen a few bloggers with them.
    You look great it the bikini, personally never wore on even in my slim days.

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  6. You look great in a bikini and have nothing to worry about! Did you enjoy the Jurassic World? My younger one keeps asking me to take him to the cinema, but I think it is probably not for him, though we watched all the other films in the series together at home. Anya looks so pretty, with the Twisty Petz (or without).

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