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#Project365 week 26: feeling hot hot hot!

Goodness me, the heatwave is hot! Which sounds daft but I’m sure it doesn’t usually last this long in the UK!
Day 175: finishing up our weekend in Dymchurch with a trip to the funfair and I finally let Matthew and Anya go on the Twister, oh and me too!

Day 176: after being cooped up invigilating an exam, it was lovely to relax outside and this was my view as I lay in the shade in the garden. Actually not quite true as I was being attacked by Zach and keeping an eye on him while he played so not too relaxing as he clambered all over me!

Day 177: oh dear, Ollie has a poorly foot so is now sporting a rather fetching red bandage

Day 178: earlier in #project365 I was delighted to spot signs of life in our second cherry tree (the first one died) and today I spotted our first ever cherry! No signs of any others yet…

Day 179: Zach had his 2 year review today and…he is completely normal! Hurrah. Ollie’s paw is still poorly so he now has a stylish collar to stop him worrying at the wound.

Day 180: Anya got into the party spirit with that Friday feeling! She got to play with the new Party Popteenies sets which are released on 6th July.

Day 181: school summer fair. So glad there was not a repeat of last year when Matthew split his head open on the way home!



  1. You’re brave to go on that Twister ride, just looking at it makes me dizzy. 🙂 What a lovely shady spot to relax under, in the garden. I love cherries, how exciting to grow your own. And the heatwave just gets on my nerves, I am so hoping it will go away next week.

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