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#Project365 week 29

Everyone is tired and emotional this week. Anya has been sobbing about leaving her teacher, Zach has been a grumpy whirlwind who demands biscuits every 5 seconds and Matt has been very busy so is exhausted!
Day 196: big day for Anya: she got her ears pierced!

Day 197: I headed into school for Matthew’s class ukulele concert. Look at that concentration!

Day 198: the grass is starting to look like a barren wasteland as we’ve had no rain for over 2 months but the apple tree is bearing fruit. Time to dig out some apple recipes!

Day 199: Zach has finished preschool for the summer. He is being a Jekyll and Hyde toddler at the moment being absolutely adorable one minute and then a screaming banshee the next. This pic is him stropping in the preschool car park when I asked for a photo. He plonked himself down and I snapped away anyway 🙂

Day 200: the annual water fight at Cubs, Matthew came home like a drowned rat but at least I remembered a towel for him this year so the car wasn’t soaked too!

Day 201: and that’s it, school is over for the year! Matthew came home covered in tomato sauce from making pizzas and Anya was grubby like a Victorian urchin from digging for dinosaurs in the dirt. But they had fun and love school 🙂

Day 202: we bought Matthew a new bike last weekend and finally made it to the park with my dad


  1. Your apples look like they’re growing better than ours. We’ve got quite a lot of cookers, but they don’t seem to be getting any bigger. Just no rain I suppose!

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  3. I wanted earrings but have always been a wimp to have my ears pierced, and now it’s too late. Well done to for Matthew playing the ukulele at the concert. We also have lots of apples, despite the heat.

  4. I love the look on Zach’s face, i could tell he was in a strip before I read your comment. Anya looks lovely with her ears pierced and matthew such a face of concentration

  5. school was never that much fun when I went. I am glad they had a great last day. More than warm enough to get soaked at Cubs, and well done for remembering the towel.
    I think all toddlers are Jekyll and Hyde charachters

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